Embed Images in Email Marketing Campaigns

If you include images in your Email Marketing campaigns, users will have to manually confirm that they want to load images within their email client:

This can disrupt your initial email layout and impression, so it’s sometimes useful to embed images when creating a campaign:

This option will display your images even if the user has not allowed images to be displayed:

Worth noting

Embedding images will not automatically load the “tracker” image, which is used for recording “opens” in your campaign reports. Users will still need to confirm they wish to load images (or click a link), in order for it to be recorded as an “open.”

Knowing this, there are certain times when using “embed images” might not produce the best results. If you’re relying on analytics and reporting for your campaigns, it’s best to require users to load all images, because then they are forced to view images if they want to see the complete message (and subsequently load the tracker image at the same time).

Also, embedding images can cause the email file size to be very large, which can slow down campaign sending, and cause inconsistent results in major email clients – so in general it’s not recommended to rely on this feature. Instead, you should craft your email message so as not to depend on image placement, or loading, and have your message still be clear in the case that the subscriber can’t see images.

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  • Thanks for the compact, useful article.

  • Manish Ashar

    I am using ActiveCampaign (5.1.0 Build 3) However I do not see the option of embed image. Please guide.

    • Anonymous

      I would suggest upgrading to the latest version.  Also – we do not show it if you are sending attachments.

  • Kevin

    I just signed up today for a 30 day trial today after finding this thread… and I can not find this option anywhere.  Is this still a feature?

    • jvandeboom

      Click the attachment icon (to the right of the subject input) and there is an option in the window that shows up.

      • Kevin

         Perfect, just what I needed.  I’ll be signing up for a paid account now, thanks.

  • Does this also work on the self hosted on-site edition ?

    • jvandeboom


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  • Arno

    Where can you find this option I have looked everywhere

    • Arno, This is a very old blog post, the functionality has changed. It is only in our Basic Templates and it’s hidden under the Attachment button.

      • Lieke Muller

        HI @localcelebrity:disqus I can’t find the option to embed/put an image in the text of a campaign. How do I do this? (I can only see how I can add an image as a block, but not how it can be embedded in the actual body text)