EmailCheck – New Email Marketing Add-On

EmailCheck, A new add-on to 1-2-All, has been released today. EmailCheck is the new add-on that interacts with the EmailCheck web service.

When you install the EmailCheck add-on you will see a new button labeled “check spam filters”

When you click on that button a report will display with your spam count and suggestions on what should be changed.

This will help you to ensure that you maintain a high level of email deliverability in your email campaigns.

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  • Very nice idea, but somehow as it is a very logical part of sending emails, I would have seen it as an upgrade and not add-on.

    Hope this is not the start of a never ending pay per idea trend we see in a lot of subgrade applications. Note this is a comment and in no way reduces the value of the 12all.

    Montreal, Canada

  • Chris,

    While it may seem as a logical part of sending (really it should be to verify the message contents for some usages) it also utilizes our web service. 1-2-All is not going into the never ending pay per idea model.

    We have released a couple of free items recently (activespell, visualedit, and have a rather large new feature for 1-2-All around the corner that will include a number of new things (all for free). The new feature will also increase the capability to integrate and mold 1-2-All to your specific needs.