Automate Email Verification with ActiveCampaign & Emailable

Automate Email Verification with ActiveCampaign & Emailable

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For its users, ActiveCampaign is a no-brainer. As a provider of powerful automation tools that are both effective and user-friendly, ActiveCampaign is a one-stop digital marketing solution that empowers users to easily engage with their customers. In integrating with Emailable, ActiveCampaign is adding another powerful tool to their already extensive platform.

Emailable’s thorough email verification solutions helps ActiveCampaign users feel confident that the emails they send are received, and the customers they send to are real. The integration between ActiveCampaign and Emailable simplifies email verification by enabling users to automate the list cleaning process and say goodbye to undeliverable addresses once and for all.

What is email verification?

Any and all businesses that send emails need to verify their list. Email verification is an important step in an email marketing campaign and should happen before any campaign is sent out. Sending to fake, misspelled, undeliverable email addresses damages your sender reputation over time and risks your inbox placement. Email verification solutions identify these undeliverable email addresses and help you ensure you’re only sending emails to real, deliverable addresses.

Email verification solutions like Emailable help email marketers stay up-to-date with their data through in-depth syntax checks, checking MX records (that the email address points to a valid email server), and server authentication. The diverse set of strategies that Emailable uses enables you to be confident that the results you receive are accurate, and the addresses you choose in your export are real.

Sender Reputation

“What is my sender reputation and why should I care about it?”

Every organization that sends email has a sender reputation, which lets an inbox determine whether or not your email is spam. Although you may not realize it, your email list could be doing more harm than good to your email campaigns if it has not been verified. Sending emails to a list filled with fake or undeliverable addresses will not only result in high bounce rates, but will also damage your sender reputation, and can result in your emails to go to the spam folder.

If you’re starting to sweat at the thought of removing a chunk of emails from the list you worked so hard to build, you’re not alone. It can be difficult to say goodbye to a portion of your list, but it is deeply important to ensure you’re only sending to deliverable addresses if you rely on email as a form of communication with your future and current customers, and clear out the useless undeliverable addresses crowding your list. The trade-off of risking your sender reputation is not worth hoarding emails that are no longer deliverable.

Why Emailable?

Emailable was founded on the belief that email verification is a necessity, and it should be user-friendly and inexpensive. Emailable provides in-depth, and quick email verification solutions with up to 98% accuracy guarantee. Emailable offers different solutions to help protect customers’ sender reputation and improve ROI, including an option to automate email verification entirely, so every user can set it and forget it. These solutions are Bulk, Monitor, and Widget.

With Emailable, every email verified receives an “Email Quality Score” which ranks its deliverability from 0-100 – and also provides additional in-depth information such as name and gender when applicable, which enables you to segment your list further and send more targeted emails.

How to use ActiveCampaign + Emailable

The integration between ActiveCampaign and Emailable makes email verification super accessible – and can even automate the process. Upon signing up, users can integrate ActiveCampaign account with Emailable and import, verify, and export directly between the two platforms. Emailable offers different email verification solutions, which lets every user verify their emails however they choose.


Bulk is an easy 3-step process and can be done in just minutes. Import your list directly from ActiveCampaign, verify, and export. All emails on your list have in-depth results, including role email detection, tagged email detection, accept-all checker, and more. Bulk provides fully-customizable exports, so you can export only deliverable emails if you choose, or emails that fit specific categories.

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Email verification has never been easier than it is with Monitor. With a one-time import, configure your settings to import and verify emails as they are added in ActiveCampaign, and automatically unsubscribe undeliverable addresses in your ActiveCampaign account.

With customized settings, you get to choose which emails you keep on your list, and which you say goodbye too. Monitor also includes the ability to reverify your list at a frequency of your choosing, so emails are removed as they become undeliverable. This solution ensures you never send to a dirty list again.

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Do you have an existing widget on your website that collects emails from visitors? If so, connect Widget to verify emails as they are entered into your existing site. A great top of funnel solution, Widget keeps your lists clean from the start. With Widget, you can stop bad emails in their tracks and verify as you collect. Widget lets you keep bad emails off of your list so you never have to worry about cleaning your list.

Widget verifies emails as they are collected.

Is automating email verification difficult?

No! Connecting your ActiveCampaign account to Emailable can be done, simply, in just a few minutes.

To get started with Monitor, login to your Emailable dashboard and navigate to “Monitor” on the top navigation.

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Next, click “Get Started”, and select your already connected ActiveCampaign account (for steps on connecting, click here). Here you can view your ActiveCampaign lists and can select the lists you’d like to set up on Monitor.

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Click “Next” to view the total number of emails you’re connecting, and wait as they import.

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Click “Next” to sign up for your subscription. Once done, proceed to configure your settings.

Here, configure the three steps:

  1. Select what you’d like Monitor to automatically do to the addresses that match your filter. These emails will be “Unsubscribed”. Next, select how often you’d like the list to reverify.
  2. Select which states you’d like to be unsubscribed.
  3. Customize which types of emails you’d like to include or exclude from the states selected in Step 2. For more information on what these emails are, click here.

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Make sure you “Save” your settings. Then, you’re done! Sit back and relax while verification is automated.

Give it a try

Have any additional questions about email verification and the benefits it can have for you and your business? No problem! Emailable’s support team is ready to help answer any questions you have or assist you in connecting your ActiveCampaign account.

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