The most important thing to remember when putting together an email campaign is also the most basic: you are doing this for a reason. There is a goal, something that you want to have happen as a result of your mailing. And everything about the message you send out should be tailored to promote the achievement of the goals you have set out in advance.
However, like most things involving people, it can be difficult to predict what elements of a message will be more likely to work. In many cases predicting which title will be opened the most frequently, or which layout will inspire the highest clickthrough rate, amounts to little more than a guessing game.
In the past I’ve written about using A/B split testing to maximize the power of your email campaigns in 1-2-All. But I had to revisit the issue because the latest version of 1-2-All Email Marketing Software takes email split testing to a whole new level. And here’s how: in the past, you had to wait until your mailing was complete, and then take what you learned and apply it in your next mailing. It’s hard to imagine a better way to do things; after all, you need to see the results of your test before you can benefit from them, right?
But what if you were to take just a small sample of your total base of mailing list subscribers, and see how each version of the message worked on them? Then you could be reasonably sure you were sending the most effective message to the majority of your subscribers. 1-2-All 5.0 not only makes that possible, it offers to do it automatically.
You set up your versions of the message, tell it what percentage of your list to use as a test sample, and how long to wait before choosing the winning version of your mailing. And then the software will go ahead and send out the two versions and wait to see what happens. All on its own, the software will calculate the most effective message based on whatever metric you choose–how often the messages are opened and read, how frequently you get a clickthrough to your site, even how often the messages are forwarded. And then, at the appointed time, 1-2-All will tally the results and send out the winning message to the rest of your mailing list.

And you can still use the statistics from your split test to inform your next mailing. You can gradually improve your mailings this way by changing just one element at a time, until eventually every message you send is an absolute email marketing dynamo. And by running your tests at the beginning of a mailing rather than all the way through, you can be sure that you have maximized your conversions at every step along the way.