Email Marketing With Amazon SES

We recently shared some instructions to modify our Email Marketing software to support sending mailings using Amazon SES (Simple Email Service).

With Amazon SES there is no long-term commitment, minimum spend or negotiation required – businesses can utilize a free usage tier and after that enjoy low fees for the number of emails sent plus data transfer fees.

This modification came from an Email Marketing user, who successfully configured his downloaded install to send using SES, instead of the default sending method. We created a forum post detailing how this can be done.

The modification simply overrides PHP’s mail() function with SES. Within the Email Marketing software, make sure your mail connection is using the “Default Sending Method”:

Please note: This is not an official ActiveCampaign feature. This modification requires editing core software files. We cannot support any problems or loss of functionality you experience after attempting these changes. Please exercise caution when modifying software files, and backup files before making changes. Please limit any problems, questions, or improvements to the forum post, and not official ActiveCampaign support.

Please review the forum post for requirements and specific instructions. Have your Amazon Web Services access ID and secret key ready.

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  • Romulo

    Hi Matt!

    Nice post… I’d like to know when this integration with Amazon SES will be official.

    I would love to use SES and have official support for that.


    • Uai, vocu00ea por aqui? rs

    • Anonymous

      We do not have any firm date/plans in place for integration at this time. However it is something we will be testing and looking into. Once we deem it stable enough (the integration, process, etc..) we would bring it into the main product.

  • Shaun O’Reilly

    This is great news Matt.

    Like Romulo, I look forward to having this feature integrated
    into a future update of ActiveCampaign.

    I use SMTP servers at the moment but would like the option
    of using Amazon SES to test their deliverability and overall

    Dedicated to mutual success,


    • Anonymous

      Ya, it is something we are interested in doing. Just a matter of ensuring the process is done properly and that we can work with their account limits and what not.

      • Cat

        Just wondering if anyone has gotten it to work so far. I followed the instructions to the letter. The software says the messages have been successfully sent but they never arrive at their destination.

  • Neuronsoftsols

    nice post.thanks for sharing.

  • SES was all the hype when it was launched in January. And seem to have made their promise true. As time goes by an Amazon SES gets used more and more the traditional ESPs, and especially the ones that can be used in-house will (need to) adapt their software to work with Amazon SES. There is an article on that compares SES with both a normal ESP and Sendgrid. It’s a nice read: nn

  • grid7

    Hi, I’m investigating to see if it’s possible to route email via Sendgrid or SES using Active Campaign. I’ve seen some conflicting posts. This one appears to be 3yrs old and I know you guys have made many changes since. Is this capability still available? If not are there any plans to add Sendgrid or SES integration to the hosted version of Active Campaign or is this potentially something that’s possible to achieve today via the API with some extra programming? thx

    • jvandeboom

      Both are possible using SMTP as the connection type.