We’ve been hard at work integrating our email marketing software with WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, and now vBulletin.
You can now integrate subscriptions to your newsletters during the vBulletin registration process, so as to not force the user to submit multiple forms. The newsletter subscription will be submitted as soon as the user finishes registering for vBulletin access.

To include this on your own vBulletin registration form, download our vBulletin plugin and import it as a new product in the vBulletin admin section.
Setting this up involves three quick steps:

  1. Create new user profile fields for “Yes/No” radio options, and (optional) “Name” textbox.
  2. Import the XML file to the Manage Products page in vBulletin admin section.
  3. Fill in your ActiveCampaign Email Marketing details on the vBulletin Options/Settings page.

vBulletin users can also manage their subscription(s) to your mailing list(s) directly from their forum account.

For more information, additional screenshots, and instructions, visit our email marketing vBulletin integration page.