Marketing is one of the main areas where small business owners falter. Many business owners wind up taking no action at all, because they either aren’t sure what they should do or they are afraid that their ideas will lead to failure. Email marketing can be an extraordinarily cost-effective solution. It allows marketers to take quick action, assess their results, and improve their campaign’s performance over time, all with very little resource investment.
In this article we’ll look at some of the common problems that plague business owners and managers, and the ways that they can easily be solved through the use of ActiveCampaign’s email marketing solution.

Problem: Difficulty Identifying Target Markets

Too many new business owners get so excited about their vision that they forget to really consider who it is for. And even if you do remember to take the time to try and identify your target market, it can really be a lot easier said than done. Often you’ll find that your highest-converting market segments will be ones you never even considered when you are starting out. And sometimes the markets you push for the hardest turn out to be duds.
Skillful use of email marketing can help you to overcome this problem with an impressive degree of dexterity. The key is to collect the right sorts of information right from the beginning. Put a little time and thought into what types of information will help you to know your customers better. This can pay off big in the long run because you will later be able to compare these personal details to the types of actions that your subscribers are taking.

Problem: Strained Advertising Budget

Email marketing is a natural fit for these poor economic conditions, because the barriers to entrance are very low. All you need to get started is the email software, a $10 shared web hosting account, and maybe an extra email account. That’s it! Compare that to the cost of placing a single (notoriously low conversion) ad in your local newspaper and it’s clear that email marketing presents a fantastic opportunity.
In addition to being a great marketing platform all by itself, the ability to better identify your target markets also makes your more traditional forms of marketing more cost effective. By using your email marketing solution’s statistics to mine the results of your existing online marketing campaign, you will be much better prepared to invest in more costly forms of advertising. You will be able to target the specific demographics that you know already like and want your product.

Problem: Poor Conversion Rates

Different markets work differently, and an effective marketing campaign will often require a lot more trial and error than you wish it would. Email marketing gives you an opportunity to engage your audience over the long term, to gain an understanding of what types of copywriting techniques work well in your particular market.
Some products require a little more finesse and personalization than others, while others are looking for a strong authoritative voice to tell them what to do. An ongoing email campaign allows you to test different methods against one another even during a single mailing, so that you can maximize your results as you go.