Email Marketing Social Features Overview

The release of Email Marketing 5.2.2 includes improved social features, including social media reporting, social subscriber actions, and social list segments. We’ve also improved our campaign auto-post feature when sending campaigns to Twitter and Facebook.

You can now manage your external service settings from a single page:

For each service, you can update the associated application that is used when auto-posting campaigns (shows as the source of the update).

List settings page:

“Create Campaign” process:

Example auto-posts after sending a campaign:

The applications for Facebook and Twitter are also sometimes used to retrieve data for the new “Social Sharing” Campaign Reports page:

The Social Sharing reports page highlights Twitter and Facebook shares from your subscribers. It even captures non-subscriber shares (re-tweets and any other share/mention outside of your subscriber base).

This should give you a good overview of who is talking about your campaign.

Subscribers can easily share to various social networks directly through your email campaign:

When clicking any social network icon in the email message, the subscriber is directed to the appropriate site to submit the update (this occurrence is saved under the Campaign Reports section):

The Facebook “Like” button will direct the subscriber to the public web copy page first, where they actually submit the “Like”:

You can also export the data for your own reports, as well as create list segments and subscriber actions based off it.

Please let us know if you have any questions or problems regarding these new features!

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  • Is it possible to select a page instead of a profile to post to. We have a fan page and that is where we would want to post emails to not to our personal profile.

    • Jason VandeBoom

      Currently that is not possible for the auto-posting. We are looking to have the option to do that in the future though.

      • Thanks for the reply. Look forward to when this feature is available :)

        • Matt

          Hi Matthew – a forum post was just added in regards to this. It is not an official feature, but you can make a small code adjustment to achieve this:nn

  • The social share links work great, but it would be better if we could use it as we currently use the Forward personalization tag.nnThat would allow us to use any Twitter or Facebook image to allow clients to share, instead of the image you are currently using.nnExample:

    • Anonymous

      This is something we are looking into offering as we want the same thing for some of our included templates.