We recently released an update to our email marketing software that includes a couple of new features that are useful when reselling our product.

Abuse Management

ActiveCampaign Email Marketing allows you to ensure your users include unsubscription links, require opt-ins, etc.. but until recently there was no built-in abuse management tool.
With the release of 5.0.22 you can let the software manage abuses and automatically have users suspended when they abuse the system.
The report abuse link can be added to each accounts mandatory footer (thus adding it to all their outgoing emails)  When clicked it will verify that they wish to report abuse and unsubscribe them from the list if they choose to continue with reporting abuse.
Once a user group (account) has reached their maximum abuse ratio (by default this is 4% of all emails sent) their account will be “suspended”  This simply means that they will not be able to send any more emails until you (the administrator) decides to increase their abuse ratio, reset their abuse ratio, or leave them suspended.
As an administrator you will be alerted whenever there is a suspended account.  You can view each accounts current abuse, set the abuse ratio limits, send emails to the account from the email marketing software, and reset their abuse history.
How to set this up:

  • Go to User Groups > Branding
  • Add a mandatory footer for the account
  • Include a link such as:
    <a href=”%REPORTABUSE%”>Click here to report this email</a>


New Account Approvals

As you resell the software you are going to want to give your users access to the software right away while ensuring that they will use the software (and your mail servers) responsibly.  In addition to the new abuse management feature we have provided yet another layer of protection to assist with this.
With the new account approvals feature you can choose to require approval on the first couple campaigns each new account sends.  You can choose to require approval on the first 2, 4, or however many campaigns you wish.  When a new account has this setting they will be able to use the software and create campaigns.  When they click send it will notify them that their campaign will need to be approved by the software administrators and will keep it listed on their campaign list page with a status of “pending approval”
When there is a new campaign pending approval you can have email notifications sent to notify you and you will also see a notice if you login to the software as an administrator.  You can then view the campaign and choose to either accept or decline the campaign.  If you accept the campaign it will switch the status of the campaign to start sending.  If you choose to decline the campaign you will be able to enter a message that is emailed to the sender (regarding why it was declined) and it will change the status of the campaign to be a draft so that the user can edit the campaign and try sending again.
Once the user has had the set number of required campaigns as approved they will no longer need to wait for approval.
How to set this up:

  • Go to User Groups > Edit
  • Click “Require approval of campaigns before sending starts”
  • Enter a notification email address (if desired) and choose how many campaigns need approval for new accounts