We’ve just released Email Marketing version 5.2.4, and I’d like to cover some of the more notable changes that were made. We primarily spent a lot of time fixing bugs and enhancing various sections for better usability and performance. So you’ll notice very few interface changes, but be assured you’ll want to be using this version for a much better overall experience.
Here are some of the major additions:
– Tactile CRM subscriber import external source connector.
– New API methods for Social Sharing campaign report data and Message Templates.
– Better descriptions and examples for all API methods, including a public reference section.
– New email templates: “Event Template” and “General Business.”

Also, a popular bug was finally fixed. Many users noticed strange “A” characters when previewing email messages – often called “A acute,” and appearing like this:
This issue was heavily reported, and we are happy to have improved our software so that you should no longer see these characters in message previews.
We are constantly improving our Email Marketing product based on customer feedback, and our own development goals, in order to provide you with the best experience possible.
Please feel free to upgrade and let us know what you think!