Email Marketing 5.1 – Inbox Preview, Trend Reports, Social Sharing, And More

We have just released ActiveCampaign Email Marketing 5.1. This update contains a number of new features along with a large amount of usability & work flow improvements.

Inbox Preview

One of our top suggested features in our feedback system was to have a tool that allowed you to preview your email in the major email clients and find potential issues and design errors.

With our new Inbox Preview feature (which is a free feature for all users) you can quickly view your email as how it would be displayed in the major email clients.

The email clients we currently allow you to test with are:

  • Outlook 2000/2002
  • Outlook 2007
  • Gmail
  • Live/Hotmail
  • Yahoo Mail
  • Apple Mail
  • Lotus Notes
  • iPhone

While there are many services that offer email preview for testing your designs they typically only show you an image of what your design would look like.  You are then left to try to figure out why your design is off in any particular email client.

With our Inbox Preview feature it tells you exactly what the problems are.  It even goes as far to show the code that is causing the issue!  This makes finding and correcting any design issues to be as easy as possible.

Trend Reports

In addition to campaign reports, list reports, and user reports we now have a new report section called Trend Reports.  This new report section is where you will be able to analyze trending activity and data from your lists.

Currently we have two trend reports available.

Opens By Time / Day Trend Report

With our opens by time/day trend report you can see what time of the day receives the most opens.  You can look across all your lists, for a specific list, or a specific campaign.

You can also see what day of the week achieves the highest opens.   By using this data you can find out the optimal day of the week and time of the day to send future campaigns.

Email Client Trend Report

After upgrading to 5.1 your software will automatically start tracking the email clients of your subscribers.  After you send your first campaign (using 5.1) you will be able to start running reports on your subscribers to see what the top email clients are for each list and/or campaign.

Some of the email clients we are including in the reports:

  • Desktop Email Clients
    • Outlook 2000, Outlook 2002/XP, Outlook 2003
    • Outlook 2007
    • Outlook 2010
    • Lotus Notes 6.5, 7, Lotus Notes 8
    • Thunderbird 2.0
    • Thunderbird 3.0
  • Web Based Email Clients
    • Mobile Me
    • Yahoo! Mail
    • AOL Mail
    • Gmail
    • Windows Live Hotmail
  • Mobile Email Clients
    • iPhone
    • Android
    • Outlook Mobile

Here is a preview of one of the graphs based on the data you will have access to:

Social Sharing

With the increasing use and importance of social networks we have added a number of social sharing features within the software.

When you include a web version link within your campaign your subscribers will see a new layout when they click on that link.  The web version link now shows a small bar with the subject and social sharing options followed by the message that they are trying to view.  This change was made based on feedback and to ensure further compatibility of the web version page for users on the iPhone.

When an admin user is viewing the campaign reports we added a new link called Social Share.  When clicked it will give them the options to submit to popular social networking sites.  The link that would be submitted (when you click on a social icon) would be the link to the web version for that campaign.

When we added the above social sharing options we decided to take it a step further and offer social sharing icons within your actual emails.  When you click on personalize you will now see a Social Submit Links option.  When you add this tag into your email it will place the social sharing icons within your actual email and your subscribers can click on them from their email client to share the web version link of the email with their friends.

Usability & Work Flow Improvements

Another set of changes (within 5.1) is a refocus on overall usability and the work flow process of creating lists, adding subscribers, and sending campaigns.  We have made numerous changes throughout the software based on user testing we have been conducting.  The user tests, in addition to our own support stats, have shown us the key areas that need to be improved.  You will find some subtle changes and some more drastic changes as you start using 5.1.  The goal is to continue to make the product as easy as possible to use.  We have updated how adding a list works, the create campaign process, and much more.

Let Us Know What You Think!

As you can see – much of the above work was directly based off of client feedback and user testing.  Every suggested feature or idea submitted to our feedback section is reviewed and then potentially considered for a future update.  If you have any feedback about 5.1 (or the product in general) be sure to let us know!

We will have a couple of additional posts in the near future detailing the automatic feedback loop management feature (within 5.1) along with some other minor features that were included.

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  • Hi there,

    I have some suggestions to make:
    – Users Avatar/Gravatar support for message integration;
    – Send to Friend, Online Version;
    – Geographic subscriber view/map
    – Blacklist monitoring for Mail Servers;
    – Custom sending rules for each ISP;
    – Custom Fields on Subject (example: username, Full Name, etc (i don’t know if this is already possible));
    – Automatic Correction of typos (,, etc)
    – Compare campaign results (to make sure you improved your campaign success since the last or between two campaigns)
    – text-version on Online View;
    – Stats for Mail Servers; (How many mail has this server already sent, etc, etc)
    – Track twitter stats (how many clicks on campaign links tweeted)
    – Facebook integration (Like Twitter and maybe with Facebook Connect)
    – Subscription Form using Ajax;
    – Allow sub-accounts for customers to send mails themselves:
    – Lists RSS feed (Feed with the last x feeds sent)
    – E-mail authentication verification (Send ID, SPF and DKIM verification)
    – Multi-language newsletter (Send the e-mail in different languages based on subscriber location/language and set a default one)
    – SMS Campaigns using Gateways/Social Networks (Clickatell, Twitter accounts, Facebook, MySpace, etc)
    – Valid replies should be forwarded to a real e-mail (not the bounce e-mail), so we can provide help to users;
    – Google Calendar Integration (To track when you have sent campaigns);
    – System message (notices for mailing list managers);
    – Better interface for web-frontend (New layout, better organization, more personalization settings);

    Hope you like my suggestions ;)

  • Hi cenourinha,

    Thanks for your feedback!

    Most of what you posted we already have. (send to friend, field personalization on subjects), twitter tracking, facebook sharing, sub-accounts, list RSS feeds, valid replies, system messages, etc…) but some of those are certainly great ideas. I will post some at our feedback system.

    If you have any further suggestions please let us know and post them at:

    Thanks again!

  • Alberto

    I VOTE for that 2 features too, as the MOST important for the next revision:

    – Multi-language newsletter (Send the e-mail in different languages based on subscriber location/language and set a default one)

    – SMS Campaigns using Gateways/Social Networks (Clickatell, Twitter accounts, Facebook, MySpace, etc)

    The multilanguage feature is one of my favorites to have available.

  • Hi
    I posted some months ago a proposal for Prewiev when selecting Template for email message.
    Propablly i got misunderstood because it has been se as completed, but prewiev is for email inbox not for seelecting template.

    So if I can i would renew my proposal.

    New features are great.

  • Jason


    If you have not already please post your suggestion at and we will look into it for version 5.2