With 5.1 we have a number of new features such as Inbox Preview, Open Trending Reports, and a number of other items.
One of the new features is email client reporting.  After upgrading to 5.1 your software will automatically start tracking the email clients of your subscribers.  After you send your first campaign (using 5.1) you will be able to start running reports on your subscribers to see what the top email clients are for each list and/or campaign.
Some of the email clients we are including in the reports:

  • Desktop Email Clients
    • Outlook 2000, Outlook 2002/XP, Outlook 2003
    • Outlook 2007
    • Outlook 2010
    • Lotus Notes 6.5, 7, Lotus Notes 8
    • Thunderbird 2.0
    • Thunderbird 3.0
  • Web Based Email Clients
    • Mobile Me
    • Yahoo! Mail
    • AOL Mail
    • Gmail
    • Windows Live Hotmail
  • Mobile Email Clients
    • iPhone
    • Android
    • Outlook Mobile

Here is a preview of one of the graphs based on the data you will have access to:

We are currently wrapping up testing for 5.1 and it should be available for download soon – along with some more detailed posts on some of the other features that will be included.