The Makes a Purchase Trigger is Here!

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We recently shook up the ecommerce world, when we released our Ecommerce Deep Data integrations. First for Shopify, and then for BigCommerce.
Deep Data Integrations bring your customers’ purchase history into ActiveCampaign so that information is actionable. We’ve made it trivial for you to quickly send a message to your customers that have previously purchased a product, or have placed more than 4 orders, or who have a customer lifetime value greater than $500.
Now you can trigger an automation whenever a customer makes a purchase, with the new “Makes a Purchase” automation trigger.
The “Makes a Purchase” automation trigger is available to all Ecommerce Deep Data integrations, and will appear automatically after you connect a Deep Data integration from your settings panel.
When setting up the Makes a Purchase automation trigger you are able to segment the contacts entering the automation and select which store triggers the automation.
If you want to only run an automation when a specific contact is purchased, you can refine the contacts entering the automation using the Segment Builder. The segment builder will allow you to filter based on the most recent product purchased.
Stay tuned for many more improvements to our Deep Data Integrations.


Ask for a review

Reviews help drive credibility in your store, help with SEO, help with social validation, and help other customers make the right product decisions. They can also help you decide how to improve your products or what products to keep or cut.
Setting up an email to ask for a review after a purchase is now simple with the Makes a Purchase trigger. Create an automation that gets triggered on a new purchase. Depending on your average fulfillment and delivery time, add a 7-21 day wait period. Add a second “Double Wait” until it is 11am on Tuesday in the contact’s time zone, and then send them an email asking for a review.
Optionally, add a second wait period for another 7 days. After the second wait period, send a second email asking for a review.
At the bottom of the automation add a Goal with a Jump condition when a contact clicks on the link from the first email to leave a review. This will prevent the contact from receiving the second email if they take action on the first.

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Loyal Customer Anniversary

If you subscribe to the wisdom of the Pareto principle, then 80% of your revenue comes from your top 20% of your customers. If you are able to maintain that loyalty, then your customers could stick around for months, and even years!
The moment a customer makes their first purchase with you is a historic moment for you and them, especially as your company continues to grow. If it wasn’t for your early customers taking a chance on you, placing their trust in you, you might not be where you are today!
With ActiveCampaign purchase automation, it is easy to show your active customers how much you appreciate them. Simply create a custom field for their first purchase date, and then every year on their anniversary send them an email thanking them for that original purchase.
If you want to increase the functionality even further, create a segment that excludes anybody that hasn’t made a recent purchase.
As the years go by, and your contacts have been with you increasingly longer, consider increasing the content of your appreciation message. From an email, to a postcard, to perhaps something more like a T-Shirt or other product.

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