Grow Your Online Store With Metrics, Insights, and Tips From the Ecommerce Dashboard

Grow Your Online Store With Metrics, Insights, and Tips From the Ecommerce Dashboard

Ecommerce businesses can’t grow their sales without relevant data and actionable insights about their customers and marketing campaigns. The right metrics let you know when something’s working and when it’s not.

The ActiveCampaign Ecommerce Dashboard displays metrics for all your connected ecommerce stores, making it easy to understand your online store’s performance with insights and recommendations on how to grow your business.

The dashboard works with the following ecommerce integrations:

What can you track with the Ecommerce Dashboard?

The Ecommerce Dashboard contains the following sections:

  • Recommendations to help grow your online store
  • Contact engagement across the customer journey
  • Ecommerce performance metrics and benchmarks

The “Recommendations for you” section offers suggestions on immediate actions you can take in your account. These recommendations help you increase customer intent, awareness, purchase rate, loyalty, and engagement.

ActiveCampaign ecomm dashboardThe dashboard gives you proven recommendations to help better engage your customers and grow your business.

Customer journey activity is the activity taken by contacts in the selected time period. Data is shown for customers who have an email address in ActiveCampaign and purchased a product in your connected store.

ActiveCampaign ecomm dashboardThe customer journey describes the touch points consumers enter when they discover, consider, purchase, and remain a loyal buyer of your product or service.

This section displays 4 phases of the customer journey:

  1. Awareness — visits to your store
  2. Intent — added products to cart
  3. Purchase — purchased a product
  4. Loyalty — repeated a purchase

The “Ecommerce performance” section shows you key metrics, revenue over time, and specific content that contributed to your outcomes.

ActiveCampaign ecomm dashboardDisplaying industry averages gives you a benchmark to see what’s working — and where you can work to improve.

Key metrics include:

  • Total marketing revenue
  • Marketing revenue over time
  • Average open rate
  • Average click rate
  • Industry benchmarks
  • …and more

71% of people recommend a product or service because they received a “great experience” (Convince & Convert Consulting). Understanding how your online store is performing and how customers interact with your business at every stage will help you create more of those great experiences.

To access the dashboard, log into your ActiveCampaign account. The first page you’ll see is the Marketing Dashboard. Next, click the “Ecommerce” tab at the top of the Marketing Dashboard.

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