It’s now easier than ever to see and manage the emails that are sent within your automations.

Managing messages across automations

From the Automations Overview page you’ll see a new button in the upper left-hand corner of your screen:

Clicking it will bring up a list of your automations:

To the left of the automation’s name you’ll see the number of messages it contains. Clicking the down arrow to the right will display all the messages it contains:

From here you can delete any unnecessary emails and clicking edit will take you to the message.

Managing emails within automations

While you are in the automation builder, you may have noticed a new “View Emails” button:

Clicking it displays a list of the email messages in that automation as well as a search field (for those particularly large automations):

To the right of each email’s name, you’ll have the option to:

  • Edit the email
  • Preview the email
  • View the email’s reports

We hope these two changes make it easier than ever to work with automations.
If there is something we can do to make ActiveCampaign a better tool for you, please let us know in our feedback forum in the ActiveCampaign Community. This crowd-sourced feedback lets us know what features you want most so we can prioritize our development roadmap.