ActiveCampaign is proud to be the marketing platform assisting Earth Hour as they launch their 2013 call to action. We feel Earth Hour’s mission is truly a worthy cause and we wanted to find out more about Earth Hour ‘s mission, goals, and how they are using email marketing along with features of ActiveCampaign such as ERJA, autoresponders, and Subscription forms to further the movement. 

We recently had a chance to discuss Earth Hour’s goals and how they use ActiveCampaign to help achieve results.  Here is what they had to say.

Earth Hour – What it’s all about

Earth Hour was started in 2007 and has grown to become the world’s largest mass participation event in history. From one city to over 7,000. From one country to seven continents. From two million to hundreds of millions.

Earth Hour was created to start symbolic change by turning off the lights for an hour to unite people and show our desire to protect the planet, encourage and empower people to take action beyond the hour itself and create an interconnected global community and build on the momentum and action for a sustainable future.

In 2013, we are using the campaign called ‘I will if you will’ found at which encourages positive actions for the environment beyond the hour.

Earth Hour, email marketing, & ActiveCampaign

As part of that endeavor,  the single call to action for Earth Hour 2013 is ‘Join the Global Community’ and ActiveCampaign plays a pivotal role in that.

We are using multiple subscriber lists to capture the diverse nature of people who visit An individual signing up to the global community gets a different response from a corporate who joins the global community. The autoresponders help us engage with our users and inspire them to take further action.

We are also using reports to further tailor our message to ensure that our community gets the most relevant and inspiring stories around the world.

In the past, when people download posters, tools and logos from our website, we did not have  a further point of connection with them. However, with ActiveCampaign, we can send campaigns full of links and other useful information people can use, to share with their friends and family through the use of a simple subscription form.

We look at our top interacting subscribers and classify them as ‘Earth Hour Champions’, who will be used to spread the awareness of the campaign beyond the hour.

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