Use Dropbox Sign With ActiveCampaign for an Easy-to-Use and Fast Way to Get Your Documents Signed Online

Imagine this – you’ve just received the green light from a potential customer to move forward with the contract. Congratulations! But wait… any seasoned salesperson will tell you the job is far from over at this point. Now is the time to ensure the remainder of the sales process is as painless as possible because any friction this close to the finish line could make all the difference in winning the deal or losing the opportunity altogether. 

This is much easier said than done when you consider all of the exhaustive steps involved in manual document management – from document creation, formatting, printing, reformatting, scanning, uploading, sending, signing, re-uploading, and filing, you could be looking at hours of valuable time lost. The only thing worse would be asking your customers to perform any of these time-consuming steps. Talk about a deal breaker!

Enter electronic signature apps, or eSignature apps, to save the day and your deal. eSignature apps create a smooth and streamlined document signing experience by letting you share documents electronically and provide your customers with the convenience of signing in a matter of seconds online. Send. Sign. Track. Done!

ActiveCampaign integrates with several eSignature apps to automate the process of document signing under one powerful platform. One of our newest eSignature integrations with Dropbox Sign unlocks powerful capabilities for sales teams to be able to execute contracts confidently and more quickly. 

Be more productive without having to jump between platforms

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Automating the end-to-end eSignature workflow within one platform means your team can focus on getting more contracts signed, not updating ActiveCampaign records, and sending contracts and proposals in Dropbox Sign separately. With this powerful integration, you can view any Dropbox Sign file within ActiveCampaign using Quick View. The Dropbox Sign integration is the first app to leverage Quick View – which makes it easy to view and engage with all the information you need in one place so you can prioritize your work. It displays relevant, real-time information, like your Dropbox Sign files, from your ActiveCampaign account without having to jump between apps.

Here are some of the other powerful ways you can manage your Dropbox Sign tasks within ActiveCampaign:

  • Send eSignature requests via Dropbox Sign Action within an automation
  • Create and update custom object records on contracts including eSignature status
  • Trigger automations using the Dropbox Sign custom object trigger
  • Send one-time eDocs directly from a contact record via Quick View
  • View eDocuments, signers, and issue cancellations directly from a Deal record via Quick View

Faster contract signing

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Time is money and any amount of time that your sales team can save managing documents means more time connecting with prospects and leads. Customers that use Dropbox Sign with ActiveCampaign see document turnaround times go from days to hours or even minutes! Our intuitive user interface helps get contracts signed up to 80% faster by providing a streamlined contract and proposal signing process. When electronically signing documents it’s so easy and fast, people are more likely to sign. Win-win. 

Send and sign with confidence

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Sending and signing documents with Dropbox Sign through ActiveCampaign is secure and reliable with pre-populated fields to help eliminate errors, and each signature request includes a non-editable audit trail to ensure every action is thoroughly tracked and time-stamped. All your agreements and contracts will be legally binding with proof of document access, review, and signature providing you and your customers with the ease of mind knowing their contracts and other important documents are buttoned up.

When managed well, a smooth document signing process can help your sellers land big deals. When going after large accounts, buyers expect both your solution and your processes to be as smooth and helpful as possible. A manual document signing process can often be a signal to a big buyer that your solution isn’t mature enough for them yet. Empowering your team with a best-in-class eSignature and automated workflows through ActiveCampaign signal that your team is ready to help the big fish.

ActiveCampaign integrates with over 880+ apps, so you can connect with the tools that make the most sense for your business. To learn more about Dropbox Sign and other available app connections, visit our App Marketplace.

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