Are you listening to your customers? One thing that really amazes me about the Internet is the level of value it’s brought to information. Just look at Google: one of the most recognizable and powerful companies in the world. Based on what? Possession and leveraging of information. It’s an information economy, and the more information you have, the more leverage you can wield. And yet, how many businesspeople do you know, even in the world of web business, who chronically undervalue the information available to them? Chances are, you’re one of them!
It’s very very easy to get all tangled up in products and services and policies and marketing, and to forget the most important part of the whole process: the information. If you develop and market and offer a product that no one wants, people are just not going to buy it no matter how great a job you’ve done every step of the way. Then again, maybe you’re offering exactly what people want, only they don’t know it because your marketing materials phrase it in a way they wouldn’t have thought of. Or maybe it would be great if you had just thought of this one critical thing.
So how do you gather information about what people want, what they need, what they like, dislike, hope for, dread, are excited about, will leave and never come back over? It couldn’t be simpler. You just ask them.
That’s why great web based surveys are so powerful. They allow you to tap this type of information directly at the source, a little bit at a time. A lot of people aren’t sure exactly where web surveys fit into their business model, so I’ll break it down for you real simple. Are you ready? Here are 4 outstanding reasons to have your web surveys up and running yesterday:

  1. People will tell you exactly what they want.
  2. You will give it to them and become extremely wealthy.
  3. Other people will want to know what you know.
  4. You will give it to them and become extremely wealthy.

Okay, okay, I know. This all sounds a little extravagant. But the truth is, the best way to sell more is to know your market better. And if you just ask your existing customers what they really want, they’ll be happy to tell you, because they’ll understand that you’re ready to give them exactly what they want. It’s a beautiful thing, because everybody wins. Especially you 😉
So what kinds of successes and failures have you had in your information-gathering efforts so far? And how do you think you could use survey software or survey service to improve your business?