Manage Deals More Efficiently With Enhanced Direct Emails

How do you keep the deals in your pipeline on track to become customers? 

ActiveCampaign gives sales teams everything they need to manage deals and identify qualified leads as sales opportunities. And it’s easy to stay on top of deals by sending direct one-to-one emails to a contact right from their deal record. This helps save you time when you set up a meeting or schedule a follow-up call with the contact connected to the deal, for example.

And now, you can do even more when you send one-off direct emails from the deal record. You can:

  • Include an CC and BCC on every email sent from the deal record
  • Send a direct one-to-one email using your connected email address — like Gmail, Outlook, and more
  • Track engagement (like opens, clicks, and replies) of sent emails
  • Trigger automations based on engagement with direct emails
  • View sent emails will appear in your connected account’s Sent folder

You can learn more about how to use direct one-to-one emails in our help article

The ability to send direct emails from the Deal record using your connected email account is just the newest way we’re helping teams create better sales experiences that lead to better outcomes. Check out our recent blogs to see what else we’ve released:

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