This Just Works: How To Mix Direct Mail & Gifting Into Your Lifecycle Marketing

This Just Works: How To Mix Direct Mail & Gifting Into Your Lifecycle Marketing

The world is hyper-digital — but you can (and should) mix direct mail and gifting into your customer lifecycle programs to deliver an offline touch in an online world.

Digital marketing programs are awesome, and they aren’t going anywhere. But sometimes, as CMO of Sendoso Dan Frohen shared at This Just Works, you have to think outside the (digital) box.

Sending direct mail, gifts, and swag is a proven method for increasing the effectiveness of digital programs (and with the ability to confirm addresses, they’re even more relevant today). But you need to deploy them effectively to see big wins.

Here are 3 quick wins for direct mailing and gifting that show results.

  1. Plug direct mail into current programs
  2. Enable reps to autonomously send gifts
  3. Integrate “out of the box” swag ideas with an online campaign

This session was presented at This Just Works, the digital anti-conference. You can see the full session (and 14 other talks) by registering here with code TJWAG2020.

Quick Win #1: Plug direct mail into current programs

You may be used to online marketing, but direct mail can integrate easily into your existing programs.

“We’re all at an online event today. And an event journey looks something like this.”

5tee5vyki image2020 08 27at5.10.39pmHow an event journey progresses – online and offline.

“You have your online components, which are email to send invites, social media to drive that inbound element, then you’re actually having the virtual event with whatever platform you’ve chosen,” says Dan.

But there are also offline triggers that you can use through direct mail and gifting.

To help drive attendance and to make a virtual event more engaging, Sendoso sent cocktail kits to their attendees beforehand as part of an email marketing workflow (anyone who registered late received a eGift card). During the event, everyone mixed their drinks, networked, and participated in a round table talk.

911qidiza image2020 08 27at5.11.51pmSendoso cocktail kits to get everyone (virtually) involved in a fun group activity!

The results?

  • An 85% Address confirmation response rate
  • A 90% win rate of opps that attended the virtual event

Quick Win #2: Enable reps to autonomously send gifts

It’s not just your marketing teams that can do all of the promotion. You can enable your sales reps to send gifts on their own.

How do you make it easy for your team to send gifts?

  • Be clear on when to send and how to tie in the message
  • Know who you’re sending to and research your prospects using social selling methods
  • Use results to drive results! Create a competition on your sales team and include it as a KPI
  • Sending as part of the process – leverage your tech stack to have a seamless process for your customer’s journey

“The Sendoso team came up with a bunch of different touches that were designed to surprise and delight our prospects but also to give them a sense of comfort and showing that we actually care about them,” says Dan.

These 1:1 sends enables reps to autonomously send gifts. SDRs plugged the sends into their existing cadences and used it to connect on a personal level with prospects, convey empathy, and create meaningful conversations.

These new touches to their products included:

  • Charity choice E gifts where prospects could donate to a charity of their choice
  • Boredom busters kits for families

And the results were pretty amazing.

  • 20% of meetings set with 81% attendance
  • 76% of meetings converted to opportunities
  • $500 of pipeline created for every $1 spent

“For every dollar we spent on this program, we brought in $500 in the pipeline. And as a CMO and from a marketing ROI standpoint that’s near and dear to my heart, always trying to show the value of the marketing that we’re doing and making sure that we’re doing right by the business.”

8fvrr4wn image2020 08 27at5.55.37pmBoredom buster kits from Sendoso.

Quick Win #3: Integrate “out-of-the-box” swag ideas with online campaigns

“We’re all doing integrated marketing. It’s kind of a normal thing at this point and typical processes. We have a defined audience, whether you’re an ABM shop that has account tiers or you’re persona-based – you can serve a broad swath of the market and bring everyone in. We still have targeted ads,” says Dan.

vjl6xrxd5 image2020 08 27at6.15.41pmYou can combine marketing efforts to reach one targeted audience.

“Most of us have sales teams that are either working inbound or outbound. We employ events, we produce content, but a swag cent can definitely be a part of that and a part of that journey that converts prospects into pipeline and revenue.”

“We had a program where we reengaged our stops and did it in an integrated ABM campaign. So we had 100 Hundred and 50 stalled opportunities that we worked on with our sales team. We built bespoke messaging, we ran targeted digital ads email, we did a virtual event for them.”

“And then we had carefully timed sessions to re-engage them with these fortune cookies. And each fortune cookie had an ROI statement inside about how we can drive value for the business. And people responded in a big way.”

kkpb7xzir image2020 08 27at6.18.10pmCustomize fortune cookies from Sendoso!

Here’s what happened:

  • 62% address confirmation response rate
  • $3.3 million pipeline influence
  • 26% deals progressed a stage 1 week after sending
  • Only spent $4k on the campaign and brought in $180k

3 key takeaways about direct mailing and gifting

“We’ve seen a massive shift in the market to a more account-based approach because as companies reduce the amount of money that they can spend, sellers and marketers have to get a lot smarter about how they’re getting the attention of their market. And that’s been something that Sendodo and direct mailing and gifting plug right into,” says Dan.

Just remember these 3 takeaways:

  1. Plug direct mail into current programs
  2. Enable reps to autonomously send gifts
  3. Integrate “out of the box” swag ideas with an online campaign

To download the full recorded This Just Works digital event, go here to register with code TJWAG2020!

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