How to Automate Digital Rewards With ActiveCampaign & Xoxoday Plum

How to Automate Digital Rewards With ActiveCampaign & Xoxoday Plum

This post was contributed by Rahul Jain of Xoxoday Plum.

Gifting still has the same purpose—to forge better relationships.

Rewards and gifts have brought results because research calls out the users’ behavior as a strong deciding factor for a lucrative marketing campaign. The user’s behavior can be influenced by various intrinsic and extrinsic factors, but it’s been proven that rewards are the greatest motivator to ensure a behavioral change.

Digital rewarding has a huge impact on swaying the behaviors of prospects and nurturing their transition to becoming customers. What started as a simple activity of showing the carrot of gift vouchers for a trial or demo, is now tactfully deployed to switch their old preferences with something new.

How does Automating Rewards influence user behavior?

The challenge isn’t just to reward users for filling out a survey or attending a webinar but to reward them with something that matches their preferences and expectations. The modern-day user would always be interested in getting a gift voucher or gift card from the brand of their choice.

To solve this problem, while keeping backend operations, rewards delivery, and redemption hassle-free, automation is a must. With seamless rewards from Xoxoday Plum, you can use ActiveCampaign at any step of your workflow for sales engagement, lead nurturing, and enablement.

Its end-to-end logistics and redemption support saves you from interacting with multiple vendors, cuts overheads, and offers better ROI on reward programs.

By automating rewards through Xoxoday Plum, your campaign would get exemplary results on all fronts—from spotting prospects to reeling them in and grooming them into regular customers.

Make your headway from the first pitch

Keep your list members happy by sending them meaningful and customized gifts. With automated rewards systems, send these gifts every time they book a meeting or sign up for a demo. Grab their interest from the very first time they show it.

Onboard customers in style

Your customers are coming on board for the product or service, but more than that, it’s the experience that matters. Deliver gift cards and vouchers from top brands to the newly onboarded customers on your list.

Build meaningful relationships

Keep your list of customers and prospects happy on their special days, festivals, and personal or professional accomplishments. Reward them from Xoxoday’s exclusive rewards catalog and build a business reputation as a brand with a personal touch.

Sign-ups, sales, and conversions

Accomplish the objectives of your campaign with incentivized milestone rewarding. From the first click to providing personal information, and ultimately, qualifying to be a lead, automating rewards leads to an unbroken thread crucial for sales enablement.

Xoxoday Plum offers a holistic catalog of more than 20,000 rewards from over 17 different categories, like experiences, activities, gift cards, travel, hotels, entertainment, e-commerce, grocery, and health and wellness.

These rewards can be redeemed in more than 70 countries in the categories mentioned, or new ones procured on-demand, making it perfect for integrating into your next marketing strategy with ActiveCampaign.

Steps to Automate Rewards on ActiveCampaign with Plum

Xoxoday Plum is integrated into ActiveCampaign by installing the Xoxoday Plum Rewards app on the admin’s dashboard. Learn how to integrate Xoxoday Plum Rewards app to your ActiveCampaign dashboard here.

After downloading the Xoxoday Plum Rewards App, follow the steps below and hook up Xoxoday Plum to your next ActiveCampaign workflow.

1. Sign into Xoxoday Plum with your existing credentials. In case you’re a new user, simply register with Xoxoday Plum using the new DIY sign-up.

digital rewards
2. Once you’ve signed up or signed into Plum, you can add funds to the account by entering the reward amount. Customize the email templates to fit your audience’s needs.

The reward catalog can be customized by choosing the reward type that you want to include in the campaign.

digital rewards
3. You can select triggers to decide who will receive a reward. Based on the triggers, rewards can be:

  • Sent automatically without restrictions, which will be distributed based on a customized time range and the maximum count of rewards, or
  • Subjected to manual approval by admins

digital rewards
4. Now that the reward triggers are set, head back to the ActiveCampaign dashboard and click on ‘Create an Automation’. The template can be created from scratch or a ready-made template or ‘Recipe’ can be put to use.

digital rewards
5. Next up, you click ‘Add a New Trigger’ on the workflow builder. (Recipes come with their own sets of triggers.)

digital rewards
6. Next, you can ‘Add a New Action’ by clicking on CX Apps and selecting Reward through Xoxoday Plum. In case the Xoxoday Plum Rewards App hasn’t been installed, it can be done at this step.

digital rewards
7. Remember the Automation we configured in Step 5? When the configured automation list appears, select your particular automation, and activate it with ‘Active’. Before activation, a quick review can be done with ‘View Contacts’. Refer to the above GIF for guidance.

8. Bravo! Your ActiveCampaign Reward Automation is ready to launch.

Helpful Tips

  • While setting up the reward automation, the denomination will be in the same currency as the one selected in your Billing Details.
  • You will have access to the dashboard features of the Reward Automation and can deactivate the reward automation at any stage.
  • If a recipient matches the criteria in an ActiveCampaign automation, the individual automatically receives the reward delivered to their inbox in the form of a Xoxo Codes.

Now, let’s look at how a user can redeem the Xoxo Codes on Xoxoday Plum.

How Users Can Redeem Xoxo Codes on Plum

Xoxo Codes are a unique way to distribute rewards to your campaign audience. These codes can be redeemed as per their value on the Xoxoday Store—a platform full of thousands of options, like gift vouchers, perks, and experiences. The audience can choose their rewards from the available options and apply Xoxo Codes during checkout before purchase.

Your audience can redeem rewards that are worth more than the amount of Xoxo Codes awarded to them. The amount that goes above Xoxo Codes can be paid via a credit or debit card through a secure checkout process. The recipients also can choose vouchers from any currency and geography without additional charges.

Run a smarter rewards program

Impact your audience’s journey with rewards. Integrate ActiveCampaign with Xoxoday Plum and see the difference with positive results—an engaged user base, better insights, and a happy customer base.

Want to know more about Xoxoday Plum? Talk to us.

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