Growth Acceleration with Delighted Customer Feedback & ActiveCampaign

When customers visit your site, shop your products, use your services or call your customer care agents, they’re looking to have a positive experience with your brand. With ever-increasing consumer options, businesses are relying more and more on a stellar customer experience (CX) to stand out.

Customer experience improvement has been proven to provide a significant return on investment. In fact, a Qualtrics XMI report found that improving your CX can generate up to $1.1B in revenue over a three-year period

With customer experience now being seen as the highest opportunity area for growth and the potential ROI at stake, there’s no time to waste in taking action.

That’s where ActiveCampaign & Delighted’s integration comes in.

Delighted and ActiveCampaign work together to allow you to automatically trigger surveys and sync your real-time feedback data to find actionable insights. With these tools at your fingertips, capturing feedback and optimizing the customer experience is simple, scalable, and well worth the investment.

Invest in Customer Experience to Achieve Growth

Improving your customer experience has a direct impact on your bottom line. Here are the data points to prove it: 

When you look at the facts, it seems clear: optimizing your customer experience pays for itself in growth potential and financial reward.

How Delighted Helps Your Business Grow

Thankfully, implementing CX optimization for growth doesn’t have to be complicated. Delighted offers an easy and fast way to evaluate your current customer experience through turnkey surveys and built-in reporting to create a system of action.

As Michael Bair, SVP of Customer Experience at FIGS says, “Delighted makes NPS so easy to set up, so easy to understand, and most importantly, so easy to act on.”

Rather than guessing at your customers’ opinions and sentiment about an experience with your brand, you can directly ask them with a Delighted survey after a transaction or interaction with your sales or customer service teams. 

For example, have you ever wondered how satisfied your customers are with your order process, or how difficult they find it to repurchase a product? Wonder no more – with customer feedback surveys, you get your answers directly from the source. Better yet, you can put this verbatim feedback directly into the hands of your team to act on it.

By automating your feedback through Delighted and ActiveCampaign, you’re able to generate actionable insights to close the loop faster with customers, fix experiences ahead of time, and ultimately use that speed to expedite growth.

By combining Delighted feedback with ActiveCampaign you can also: 

  • Capture feedback across the customer journey. With Delighted’s proven survey templates and delivery methods, you can evaluate the customer experience at every critical point of the customer journey. Automatically sending out surveys when ActiveCampaign actions are taken – contacts created, deal stages changed, and more – means you’re constantly gathering useful data and generating the next steps to take.
  • Let automation improve your taking action process. Creating a system of action means that the time you spend on customer metrics isn’t wasted. Rather than just monitoring, this integration automatically reaches out to your customers for you – making your metrics more meaningful.
  • Understand your customers on a deeper level. The best customer experience offers customers much more than the minimum they expect. With this integration, you’re able to understand more deeply what your customers want from you and take insights from your feedback to improve processes, services, or products through active customer listening.

Best of all, it’s simple to get started. As Dave Amirault, Director of Marketing at Pagely, says: “Delighted is a way to get into customer experience that isn’t going to overwhelm internal teams. It’s going to provide actionable feedback, make you grow as a company, and allow you to provide better services.”

Delighted & ActiveCampaign for Growth Acceleration

So how does the ActiveCampaign & Delighted integration work?

To collect feedback at critical journey points, the ActiveCampaign & Delighted integration uses five triggers:

  1. After a Contact is added: Get feedback from your new customers and ensure you don’t miss out on the opportunity to reach out early.
  2. After a Contact is updated: When your Contact is added to an Account, the customization you’ve chosen means your survey audience is already narrowed down.
  3. After a Contact is tagged: Here is where this integration really shines. Customize tags to capture insights after orders are fulfilled, support interactions are completed, purchases are repeated and more. You’re able to fully tailor your tags to your needs – and send surveys to precisely the right people at the right time.
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  1. After a Deal is created: Synchronize your surveys with your pipeline. Trigger a survey when you create a Deal in ActiveCampaign and get insightful data instantly. You can also add a delay to check in with your customer once they’ve settled in.
  2. After a Deal is updated: Never miss out on the chance to get feedback when you’ve updated a Deal. You can effortlessly follow up during key parts of the customer journey with this trigger. 
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As you customize, organize, track, and report on all stages of the customer lifecycle directly in ActiveCampaign, the customizable triggers can automatically send feedback surveys without you lifting a finger. 

For example, you can monitor loyalty of repeat customers through Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys, make sure your customer support processes are meeting customer expectations with Customer Effort Score (CES) surveys, and that your customers are happy with sales communications through Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) surveys.   

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Check in on repeat customers with NPS surveys to measure brand loyalty.

With Delighted’s customizable survey templates, you’re able to choose any type of survey that works for your needs and get creative with how and when to send them based on triggers in ActiveCampaign.

Once you’ve customized your survey and chosen your ActiveCampaign triggers, you can see all the data you’ve collected in a handy Delighted feedback dashboard. You’ll see a live view of your scores and trends – and can sift through customer responses and metadata swiftly and easily.

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With Delighted and ActiveCampaign, your customer experience program is always on. You’re constantly gathering data to deliver to your team for action to be taken. And by using proven survey types with the #1 customer experience automation platform, you’re giving yourself the best chance of capturing and acting on accurate customer feedback data to grow your business.

Optimize Your Customer Experience Now with ActiveCampaign & Delighted

Delighted’s free 7-day trial or free plan gives you an idea of just how easy it is to send highly customized surveys at the perfect time.

Don’t miss out on accelerating growth by prioritizing the customer experience. Automate and scale your CX program with the Delighted & ActiveCampaign integration now.

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