The Contact & Deal Management Beta is Here

Our developers have been hard at work on a ground-up rewrite of one of our three core features: the Deals CRM. This update isn’t a tweak, facelift, or optimization. This was a complete rethinking of our CRM solution drawing on what we learned from creating and using the original version, feedback from our users, and a refreshed technology stack.

The new version retains the strengths of the old version and builds on them. We kept the elegant simplicity and intuitive kanban-style pipeline workflow that made our original CRM so useful, and we’ve added additional functionality on top of that to make it even more powerful and easy to use.

Hundreds of subtle refinements have been made to the UI to make managing your opportunities a more fluid, intuitive process. There are thoughtful tweaks that make so much sense you may not even notice them. Our goal was to create a tool that gets out of the way and disappears into the background so you can focus completely on your work. I think we’ve gotten very close to that. I couldn’t be more proud of what we’ve created, and I’m excited to introduce it to you.

This post is a summary and overview of some of the most significant changes. In the weeks that follow, we’ll take a deep dive into specific features and how you can leverage them to grow your business faster.


Improved Contact Record:

We call this release the “Contact & Deal Management update” because it includes major improvements to the contact record. Now your contact data is front and center, accessible, and you can quickly add custom fields right from the record itself:

You can also control the order of custom fields so that you can group related fields together and display your most important fields at the top of the contact record:


Improved Activity Streams:

The re-imagined Activity Stream is now more central to the Contact & Deal Record. We now include Site & Event Tracking data and Goals, so you’re getting even more insightful behavioral data to inform your approach to closing the deal.

You can comment on these activities and tag co-workers to bring them into the discussion, so the stream becomes another opportunity to collaborate with your team.


Fast switching between contacts & deals with tabs:

Your contact & deal data is a click away at any moment via tabs. The page doesn’t reload when you switch so there is zero lag while page assets load. You can instantly tab back and forth between updating a deal and adding contact data without missing a beat.


Attach multiple contacts to your deals:

If you’re trying to win deals with larger organizations (and who isn’t?) you’ll often have multiple contacts at a company involved in the sales process. Now you can add a primary contact and as many secondary contacts as you need.


Bring the deals you need to see, front and center:

Having a pipeline full of deals is the best kind of problem to have, but it can make it difficult to find a deal when you need it. Now you’re able to filter your deals along a variety of criteria, so only the deals that are relevant to you at that moment appear in your pipeline:

One of the most welcome filters for many salespeople is a filter for certain lead scores so that you can stay focused on your best opportunities.


The new Compose Bar:

Rather than having a text box embedded into the top of the page, the Compose Bar is always within reach without scrolling, and it’s there whether you’re viewing a contact or a deal:


Create tasks for deal and contacts:

Tasks have been decoupled from the Deals CRM so now you can use them to maintain a to-do list related to contacts as well.

You’ll find that there are additional options for scheduling tasks and the whole process is faster and more intuitive. You can also create alerts so that you never miss a follow-up:


Pipeline permissions:

Pipelines are sensitive data. You might not want complete transparency for a number of reasons. Now you can control who can view which deals.

If you’ve tried our CRM in the past and decided it wasn’t the right tool for you, I hope you’ll take this opportunity to give it another look. It would be a fantastic CRM solution by itself, but when you factor in the benefits of having it tightly integrated with your email marketing & marketing automation, it’s especially powerful.

If you’re ready to upgrade your account, you can do that here (scroll to the bottom of the page). If you have feedback on how we can make it even better, or find a bug, please stop by our community forum and let us know.

A trial is worth a thousand words.
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  • Great work guys!

  • Mark Ramirez

    Is there a way to incorporate deal info into a campaign? I don’t see that as an option.

    • Brian Gladu

      Hi Mark! At this time you can only insert contact fields and custom fields into campaigns. What kind of deal info would you like to insert?

      • Mark Ramirez

        Thanks for the quick reply Brian! We are trying to use the Deal portion as a behind the scenes pipeline update, if you will. We want to update details of Deals via a Google Sheet, update the deal as needed with pertinent dates, and send deal updates to contacts. For example: 1 contact has 2 deals. Deal 1 has hit Stage 1, we send them a campaign that says “deal 1, in the amount of $$$, hit this stage on this date” would be helpful to just keep them in the loop.

        • Brian Gladu

          Okay, thanks for the additional context and feedback, Mark.

  • I Want to Try Beta!!!! please!!!

    • Brian Gladu

      Of course, Rodrigo. Just visit this page and scroll to the bottom. You’ll see a button to upgrade your account.

      • CRM tools are fantastic! but the permissions of users still are not good.

        I have a property with 5 brokers. The permissions do not restrict what brokers see the deals of other brokers.

        each broker should see only deals that I assign to it only. He can not see the deals of other brokers.

        support suggested I create pipeline for each broker, but this way is not correct. This prevents me use Auto assignment deal.

        and when I have 20 or 50 brokers .. I will have to create and manage 50 different pipelines of the same deal?

        My suggestion is to set permissions for user groups to view deals.

        All the best CRM control the deals that each user can see, not the pipeline, but the permissions.


        • Brian Gladu

          Thanks for the feedback. I can see how this would be useful. I saw that you already added this to the feedback forum which is great.

          • Leonardo Marotte

            I would like to know if this feature is already working. I have 3 brokers and I want each other to see only it’s own deals. I don’t want the brokers to see other deals that are not assigned to them. Did you already fix that?

          • Brian Gladu

            It’s not possible to do this with a simple setting, but you can create a separate pipeline for each salesperson and then limit access to the pipelines that aren’t theirs.

  • Bryan Durkin

    What’s the plan with CRM & Reporting? Going to need to have more specific & flexible reporting than just a funnel graph – at least to have to compete with other CRM’s.

    • Brian Gladu

      We hear you, Bryan! *Major* improvements to our reporting feature are coming. This too will be a ground-up rethinking and rewrite. The new solution will be much more powerful.

      • Bryan Durkin

        Brian – that’s great news. Is this something there is a general timeline on? End of Qtr? Year? Saves me from coming up with something custom :)

        • Bryan Durkin

          I am in the Beta.

        • Brian Gladu

          I’m not aware of a timeline, but it probably won’t be this quarter.

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  • Dave Lafferty

    Can I get in on the beta? I desperately need some of the functionality. I’m losing clients

    • jvandeboom

      Yes, you can upgrade your account at:

      • Dave Lafferty

        I’m already paying upwards of $50 a month. You mean I have to pay more to have basic CRM functionality?

        • Brian Gladu

          The Deals CRM is available on the Small Business and Enterprise tiers. The link that Jason posted is so you can update your account to the newest version of Contacts and Deals Beta (using the button at the bottom of the page). Even if you don’t have a Small Business or Enterprise account, you can still upgrade to the Beta version of the Contact record and all the enhanced functionality around that.

  • This is great but there is still a fundamental flaw in Active Campaign. As a CRM I want it to document all my contacts details. That is the core function of what a CRM should do and this should include orders. There is no simple core way for me to import data from any sales cart into AC right now.

    Also whilst I’m here :)

    Too many clicks to find list segmentations. There should be a very simple overview where we can see all the lists and list segments with one click options to view / email people in that list as a broadcast.

    • Brian Gladu

      Hi Steve! We’re working on a feature now that might solve your data import concern. We hear you, a CRM should be the central repository for data and the source of truth. Regarding list segments, thanks for the feedback. We’ll look into making them more accessible.

  • Hiago Tonha

    ferramenta fantástica a de vocês, estou apaixonado por ela, tem me ensinado bastante, só a agradecer.

    • Brian Gladu

      Você é bem vindo. Estamos felizes por você estar feliz!