Smoother Sales and Marketing Processes With Task-Triggered Automations

Announcing completed & Added Deal Tasks Now Trigger Automations
When you create a deal, you might also have an initial set of tasks that need to be completed. And starting today, you can now trigger an automation when a task is completed or added for deals.
We knew this was an important feature we wanted to add, and seeing the requests on AC Ideas gave us even more insight into how much of an impact this would have for our customers.
Images of customer ideas submitted to AC ideas

Let’s dig into how this works

Let’s say you own a custom furniture store and you create awesome custom desks. A contact was interested in purchasing one of those cool custom desks. So, you create a deal and you want a follow-up task to “Give the contact a call.”
Once the task is completed you ideally want to start your “Nurture Campaign Automation.” Now you can!
Image of triggering automations when adding or completing tasks
Additionally, you can choose to trigger an automation when a task is added instead of being completed, giving you more control and giving your contacts a more personalized experience.
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We would love to hear how you use this trigger to begin new phases of the sales and marketing journey for your contacts. Please comment below.

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