New Date Based Automation Trigger

You can now begin automations based on dates. An automation can start before, after, or on a specific date.
This trigger is particularly useful for events, and recurring transactions, such as a subscription, or contract renewals.
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Let’s say you’re a wedding photographer. Two weeks before a couple’s wedding date, you could begin a sequence preparing the happy couple for the photo shoot on their big day:
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Three weeks after the wedding, you can follow-up with an offer for additional prints. You could have a separate automation with a date-based trigger or you could just add a Wait action to the original automation.
A year later you can give them an offer for anniversary photos. If they don’t make a purchase within a couple of weeks, you can offer them a discount.
This feature is also useful if you book consultations. You could have your scheduling app populate a custom field when the appointment is scheduled and use this trigger to send messages preparing the client for their appointment, remind them the day before and an hour before, and then follow up afterward.

How it works

To create a date-based automation, select the “Date based” trigger.
A modal window with configuration options will display.
First, you’ll decide whether the automation should begin on a certain date, before a certain date, or after a certain date and pick the date. The date can be a date field or a text field. If it’s a text field, you’ll be prompted to choose the date’s format.
By default, you’ll see Subscription Date and Creation Date options. Subscription Date is the date a contact joined a specific list and Creation Date is when their contact record was created. Any date or text custom field you create will appear here so the real power of this feature is when it is used with custom fields you’ve created.
You also have the option to choose when the automation should check if the date is reached. This is useful for situations where you don’t want an automation to begin on a weekend (or only on the weekends) and if you want it to run at a certain time of day. You also are able to decide whether the time is relative to your account’s time zone or the contact’s time zone.
Finally, you can decide whether the automation should run Once or Yearly.
This short gif demonstrates where to find this feature and shows its configuration options:
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This trigger was a highly requested feature in our feedback forum. We’re excited to see the automated processes our users create with it. If this is one you’ve been waiting on, please let us know how you plan to use it in the comments section.

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