CXA is Helping B2C Companies Grow At an Unprecedented Rate

B2C organizations pride themselves on working with customers in the most helpful and efficient way possible. With a more personal touch, B2C businesses are creating 1:1 connections with their customers to drive sales, engagement, and more. That being said, any time there is the opportunity for improvement in the B2C process, all eyes should be on how to utilize that potential improvement. That’s what makes ActiveCampaign’s recent impact survey about the impact of CXA (customer experience automation) on B2C businesses so important to not only read through, but be able to use to help your own business. Let’s walk through the data ActiveCampaign discovered, and how CXA can help your B2C business grow. 

The CXA and B2C connection

CXA pulls in all touchpoints from the entire customer journey and connects to your existing tech stack. You’ll be able to orchestrate a connected customer experience and always know which step to take next to avoid any automation mistakes. To use fewer fancy words, CXA takes the customer journey and removes the guesswork from it. Instead, you have a unique customer experience for every customer that not only helps your business understand what steps to take, but helps the customer feel a 1:1 touch. 

Statistic of users who automate daily tasks to save time

For B2C businesses, or businesses that sell direct-to-consumers, that 1:1 touch is essential. B2C businesses typically leverage CXA to build automations and create engaging campaigns that speak to everyone in a large, diverse customer base as individuals. Customers want to feel like they have your undivided attention, when in reality, you are working to expand as much as possible. Being able to keep that 1:1 focus despite growing is imperative in keeping customers happy and wanting to give you their business. In fact, in ActiveCampaign’s CXA Impact Survey, 59% of B2C users aimed to automate daily tasks to help them save time but still personalize messaging and outreach. 

CXA and B2C statistics

Now, you might be wondering about just how big of an impact CXA can truly have for B2C businesses. ActiveCampaign’s CXA Impact Survey found that the numbers backed up the intention for users utilizing CXA.

Statistic of users who send relevant communications with CXA

Among the statistics:

  • 80% of users agreed that they’re able to send highly relevant communications since implementing CXA.
  • B2C organizations report CXA helped them achieve a 108% increase in engagement rates from emails, newsletters, and campaigns, with better engagement leading to more sales.
  • 35% of companies report that individual-level personalization has already improved drastically since using CXA.
Statistic for increase in contact list size after using CXA

Not only are engagement rates growing, but communication and 1:1 interactions are improving at drastic rates. 1:1 experiences are the name of the game when it comes to CXA, so it’s no surprise to see that there has been improvement in this area. However, these aren’t the only improvements found by the survey. Additional data has shown in B2C users:

  • 112% increase in website traffic compared to last year 
  • 143% increase in contact list size 
  • 108% increase in engagement rates from emails, newsletters, or campaigns 

The numbers back up the impact of utilizing CXA for B2C users. With over 100% increases across the board, leveraging CXA has never been more effective. 

So what does it all mean? The overall takeaway is that CXA can help automate and personalize your processes to help increase engagement and success. And who wouldn’t want that?
Given that CXA can provide you with that 1:1 experience throughout the customer journey, it’s no wonder that the statistics are showing that CXA helps B2C businesses grow.

Want to learn more about the real impact CXA can have on your business? Download the CXA Impact Report to see all the results from the study.

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