The Power of Listening: How We Drive Ideal Customer Experiences (and You Can Too)

The Power of Listening: How We Drive Ideal Customer Experiences (and You Can Too)

This post was contributed by Nicole Ortmann, Customer Insights Analyst.

At ActiveCampaign, we genuinely believe in the power of listening. While our commitment to acting on customer feedback has been as important to us at 10 customers as it is at 150,000 customers, we’ve had to iterate on the ways we hear and understand your needs.

As our customer base has grown, so have our methods and listening systems to channel your feedback into the changes you want to see. Today, on #CXDay, recognized annually on the first Tuesday of October, we’d love to highlight why your feedback matters to us, as well as highlight some customers who have adapted their business to deliver strong customer experiences in a challenging time.

How We Are Listening to You

Every time you respond to a survey or drop an idea on our Feedback & Ideas board, we are listening. In fact, there are more than 50 channels of customer feedback that we actively monitor to prioritize and advocate for platform improvements. Think: online review sites, satisfaction surveys, in-app surveys, posts in our Facebook and Slack communities—we are listening!

When you submit an idea on our Feedback & Ideas board, it goes into a queue that our Product Team regularly reviews. Ideas are categorized and weighed against other factors, such as current priorities and goals. If your idea is trending (meaning, if more than one person submitted a similar idea), the bigger priority it becomes.

Fast forward, and many of your ideas have been added to our product roadmap and eventually are turned into new features or improvements. This year in July and August alone, our Product Team released new features and improvements based on 42 different customer ideas from the board.

The answers we get to our scheduled NPS surveys are weighted for impact in a similar manner. If you’ve ever answered the question, “How likely are you to recommend ActiveCampaign to a friend or colleague?” in an email from us, you’ve contributed to our listening system. We read and categorize every single response, and your answers drive innovation to our product.

How Our Customers Listen and Adapt

More than ever, delivering a strong customer experience demands personalization. ActiveCampaign is proud to hold space in the marketplace that focuses most on enabling businesses of all sizes to create incredible customer experiences. We are inspired by the way our customers have pivoted their businesses in the wake of the changes our world has continued to see.

We’ve heard from many customers who have had to change their business model in some form over the last two years. Our customer, Hipcooks made the pivot from brick-and-mortar cooking schools to an online offering of livestream classes during Covid-19. They’ve had to learn to adapt to what it means to deliver a connected experience, virtually.

What Changes Have You Started?

In 2021, we introduced our #CustomerLove program to highlight ways we’re listening to you and making improvements to our product and customer experience to help you continue to grow your business. If you didn’t know, our release notes can be filtered by “Customer Love,” where you can read about weekly product updates and releases that are prompted entirely by your feedback.

You’ve helped drive our product roadmap, with releases of some of your top customer-requests including improvements to the Campaign builder experience, CRM enhancements, and the reimagined Content Manager to easily find and manage your image assets.

Our Commitment to You

We want to hear from you! While #CXDay is officially recognized on the first Tuesday in October each year, the practice of prioritizing our customers is one we strive for every day. We make quarterly updates to our Customer Success Commitment, promising excellence in value, service, trust, and access.

As long as we are receiving your feedback, we want to continue to use it to drive innovation. So, if you haven’t before, consider responding to a feedback survey the next time it comes your way, or add your voice to our ideas board. We always appreciate your feedback, and we are committed to using your feedback to make our product better for you.

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