With our downloaded PHP/MySQL products we include the source code (minus our license checks) allowing you (or any third party programmer) to modify the software as needed.  Change features, add features, and more.
We do not offer custom development services (as we must focus on product development) but you or any third part programmer can modify your downloaded product.
If you are not a programmer you can find a third party programmer that can make changes for you.

Where to find a programmer

What to look for

When posting a job add on oDesk or Elance pay attention to the following:

  • Try to find people who know about or have experience with ActiveCampaign products
  • Check their past reviews to make sure they are reputable
  • Only entertain bids that are customized to your project (discard all the copy/paste bids you receive)
  • While the lowest price is tempting be sure to factor in quality and past reviews
  • Have very clear specifications of what needs to be done, how it should work, etc… Be very precise and detailed.  This will help avoid an end result that you do not like.

When using our hosted services

With our hosted service we have features within the software to customize the look and feel along with powerful API’s for external integration.