An exciting new feature of Help Desk 3 is the ability to customize the public section of the software.
In the Public Settings & Styles admin section, there are various components that you can display or hide. You can also customize the actual HTML and CSS, without having to edit source files!
This has the added benefit of being “future proof,” meaning any changes you make will not break in a future release!

Getting started

Log into the admin section, and go to Settings > Public Settings & Styles:

Edit the default desk:

At the bottom you’ll see “Customize Public Section CSS Styles”:

When checked, you’ll be able to add any CSS to control public styles:


To figure out what HTML elements or classes to modify, you’ll need to examine the source code for the public side. I find it best to use a tool like Firebug to quickly examine a particular elements’ style:

Then just write a CSS rule to capture that element or class, and your additions will overwrite the existing system styles!
To illustrate, below I’ve changed some KnowledgeBase headers to the color green:

The corresponding CSS rule looks like this:

.shaded {
 color: green;

That’s all there is to it. Let us know if we can improve this process any further.