We just released a new feature that allows you to automatically populate the subject line of RSS email campaigns with an item from your feed.
You can use any tag that appears in your RSS feed loop as the subject line of your email. ActiveCampaign will grab the text used in the first post.
So, for instance, if your first post’s title is:

“Automations to Track and Engage Your Contacts”

… you could make your email’s subject line:

This change makes RSS email campaigns more likely to be opened because you don’t have to use a generic title such as “Recent updates” or “Latest blog posts.”

Here’s how it works…

There is a new type of personalization tag you can use in your subject line:


You would replace the “RSS-FIELD” portion of the personalization tag above with any RSS tag found in your RSS feed.
The most common usage for this tag might be to grab the title of your most recent blog post. That tag would look like this:


And you’d place it in the “Subject” field of your email campaign:

Besides populating the title of your blog post, you could use any tag that is in the loop of your RSS feed. Note that just because an RSS tag exists, doesn’t mean that your RSS feed is using it. Only RSS tags your feed uses will populate in your subject line.
To see which RSS fields your feed is using, insert your RSS into a Text-only email. You should see something like this:

You can use any of the tags you see within the “LOOP.” In this example, DATE, TITLE, SUMMARY, and LINK could all be used in the subject line.
For more information about setting up and using RSS within your email campaigns, see this help article.
If there is a feature you’d like to see, please take the time to submit it via our feedback forum in the ActiveCampaign Community. We are listening — we routinely release features, like this one, that have been requested by our users.