How McCrindle Uses CXA to Provide Bespoke Experiences

How McCrindle Uses CXA to Provide Bespoke Experiences

McCrindle is an Australian-based social research, demographics and data analytics agency. Led by Mark McCrindle, celebrated author and internationally recognized social researcher, their research methods include national surveys, population modeling, and qualitative research, including in-depth interviews and discussion groups. 

As McCrindle’s book of business grew, its team ran into challenges with their tech stack. “The company had grown over 15 years and data was spread across Mailchimp and in the CRM…however, it wasn’t integrated,” says Luke Davies, marketing executive at McCrindle.

With no way to centralize their data and make it actionable across the entire customer lifecycle, their data remained siloed, limiting their view of their customer journey.

ActiveCampaign has broken down those data silos and made it easier for McCrindle to provide more relevant, bespoke experiences for their more than 100 clients at scale. With powerful automation and custom reports in their tool kit, McCrindle now has visibility into their entire customer journey and can leverage data from every touchpoint to deliver better experiences for each client.

Actionable reporting

The McCrindle team uses Custom Reporting to generate reports like their Monthly Marketing and Sales Dashboard, which gives them insight into how their business is performing and helps them understand what is happening in their sales funnel. 

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McCrindle’s monthly marketing and sales dashboard created with ActiveCampaign Custom Reporting

With Custom Reporting, McCrindle can break down their data by The Solution Design Team, pipeline, product, product family, buyer persona, and more, to get the insights they need to make better decisions about their customer journey.

Automation with a personal touch

Because each of McCrindle’s clients are bespoke, requiring tailored experiences and personalized touchpoints, it was a challenge to automate their workflows before they found ActiveCampaign.

ActiveCampaign has enabled the team to follow up with the right leads at the right time with the right message, without sacrificing that personal touch. Automations like this email follow up reminder are a great way to get started. 

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