How The Laundry Lady Saw a 5x Growth in Contractor Volume in 1 Year

How The Laundry Lady Saw a 5x Growth in Contractor Volume in 1 Year


Susan Loft, CEO of Australia-based mobile laundry service Laundry Lady, faced a major growing pain in her business. She needed to hire more contractors (the people who pick up, wash, and drop off customers’ laundry) to scale the business, but she was spending an increasing amount of her time scheduling, interviewing, and following up with the candidates. And after all the time spent, 90% of candidates wouldn’t show up to their interview!

Susan knew she needed to automate her recruitment process, but her needs were more custom than what traditional off the shelf systems could provide her. When she discovered ActiveCampaign, she fell in love with the flexibility. She was able to build a process that combined automation with a human touch, tailored exactly to her business needs. This improved process freed up her time and reduced the number of candidate no-shows from 90% to 10%. 

She is now spending less time on the recruitment process and has successfully increased the percentage of candidates who showed up to their interviews, from 10% to 90%.

Much of Susan’s success has been about her ability to gather information and stay in touch with her candidates. Try the Sync Deals From Form Submission Automation Recipe, and quickly build a similar automation of your own.

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