How Cancer Wellness Support Increased Data Accuracy by 70%

How Cancer Wellness Support Increased Data Accuracy by 70%


Cancer Wellness Support was founded 15 years ago with a mission to give people undergoing cancer treatments, their care providers, and families access to complementary therapies such as yoga, art therapy, counselling and over twenty other services. As a non-profit, they are  funded primarily by two online shops, as well as fundraising events and donations from the community. 

Two years ago, Cancer Wellness Support was providing services in a very analogue way. They had a basic website, a couple of scarcely used Facebook pages and an outdated “ODB” database system for managing its membership. Vent Thomas joined the organization with the goal of finding a new database solution that would increase efficiencies in the annual renewal process. 

To do this, Vent first focussed on identifying the problems he was trying to solve and what the organization really needed from a new system. With clear requirements in place and a very tight budget, Vent considered a number of purpose-built solutions and landed on ActiveCampaign for it’s flexibility, automations, custom reporting, great support, and the security of their data. 

Cancer Wellness Support is now seen as an exemplar for other organisations, evidenced by a large increase in requests for partnerships and joint ventures. 

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