Custom Reports: Take Even More Control of Your Data with New Enhancements

Custom Reports: Take Even More Control of Your Data with New Enhancements

Do you truly know how your marketing and sales efforts are impacting your business?

Without the right way to measure performance, you may be driving blindfolded. It’s crucial to have insight into where you’re going, what obstacles are in the way, and where your opportunities are. Using your data effectively helps you make the best decisions to grow your business, so you can turn those insights into outcomes.

We know how important the right reports are to the success of your business. Custom Reports was developed with the built-in flexibility you need — and now, they’re even more powerful and easy to get started with.

New measures mean even more insights

With more data at your fingertips than ever before, Custom Reports give you new opportunities to take action on your reports. You can:

  • Use new measures across campaigns, automations, contact, and ecommerce data; this includes numbers such as total campaign send, campaign engagement metrics, total automations completed, and more.
  • More easily share reports across your team
  • Use templates to better understand how to build your own reports

What measures can you use to build custom reports in your ActiveCampaign account?

  • Campaign engagement
  • Automations
  • Contact attributes
  • Deals
  • eCommerce

[alt text]Examples of campaign engagement measures.

You can see a full list of all measures you can create Custom Reports with here.

What kind of Custom Reports can you create?

Stitching together data and hoping it tells you enough can be time-consuming busywork. Create reports across marketing and sales that give you a complete picture to help discover trends, identify areas of opportunity, and get the right insights to grow your business.

Better know your customers — and what they want

[alt text]

Eliminate the guesswork when making decisions about your customer journey. Combine data sets, track customer behavior, and segment customers — by what matters to them. Better use the insights your data tells you to help create powerful experiences, and give customers more of what they want.

We have recipes available to help you build Custom Reports that will help you better understand your marketing, like:

  • Automation Engagement Trends. Highlight the performance of your automations, by seeing the total of who entered and completed automations over time. Filter by a specific time frame or for a specific automation name.
  • Campaign Engagement Trend. Gain insights into your campaign engagement metrics over time. Filter for a specific automation name, campaign name, or time frame.
  • Campaign Performance by Tag. Quickly see contact tag performance metrics, and filter for a specific campaign name or tag.

Get actionable reports that close more deals, faster.

[alt text]

Set up your sales team for success with the insights they need to make smarter decisions. Custom Reports act as a reliable, single source of truth, which keeps everyone on the same page and working towards the same sales goals.

Check out our Custom Report recipes to better understand your sales performance:

When you’re equipped with the right information, you can make more informed decisions about your marketing and sales processes. It’s now easier than ever to create, save, and share clear, customized reports that show you exactly what you need to know.

Custom Reports is available for all customers on the Enterprise plan. Log in to your ActiveCampaign account, go to Reports, and select Custom Reports to start customizing your reports today.

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