Custom Priorities and Other Help Desk Software Updates

We just released version 2.50.20 of ActiveCampaign Help Desk Software.

We have a couple new features that you may find interesting or useful.

  • Added Custom Priorities settings – Works similar to custom statuses. So now you can setup any number of priorities and even specify an image to be shown on the admin ticket listings page for tickets with that priority.
  • Option to lock down the entire public side of Help Desk Software – forces users to register or login to gain access to any part.
  • Added an open tickets count next to department names when adding a ticket in both admin and public zone. Option in general settings.
  • For each template option (IE: KB, Port Scanner, Troubleshooter, etc..) you can now require the user to be logged in to gain access.
  • Added admin access management per department on add/edit department pages
  • Added an option to redirect users from viewTicket page to Startup when user submits a response.

For more details about this update and the files that were changed visit:

As always – if you have any suggestions of feature requests – just let us know.

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  • Well done with this!

    One suggestion – consider making the ticket reply section tabbed or driven by ajax. It doesn’t make sense to refresh the entire page if I’m going to “comment” to a ticket instead of reply. (Slows everything down!)

    Also, the ability to generate a KB article from a ticket reply (not the one you already have but one where a technician replies to ticket, checks a box that says “compose KB article from this reply”, and is taken to an add article page which the content filled in).

    These are very good and important features I think.


  • As for the ticket reply – we have some changes we are working on in a number of areas which should help you out in that area.

    The second suggestion is good as well and I will have it added to the devtracker.