New: Custom HTML in Designer Templates

Add HTML block timer screen recording

You asked, and we listened…
It’s now possible to add HTML blocks to your designer emails! This update gives you more control over your email’s appearance and functionality making our designer templates even more flexible.
uxrcb2l2s add html block timer

In addition to HTML, you can add CSS classes and inline CSS so you have complete control over styling. The CSS you use in a block will only apply to that block, not the entire template.

How it works…

To add an HTML block to your email, drag it from the menu on the right under the Insert tab. When you click on the block you’ll see the options appear in the menu. For small blocks of code, you can paste them right into the Custom HTML field. If you are working with a larger piece of code, you have the option to bring up a modal window by clicking the maximize icon in the upper right-hand corner of the field:
a1tjau6o add html block table
If you have any questions about how HTML blocks work, please ask in the comments section.
In case you missed it, we announced a new way to trigger automations on page views yesterday. Stay tuned… we have one more commonly requested feature update we’ll be announcing tomorrow…
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