Announcing New Goal Reports

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Marketing, or marketing automation exists to achieve your business objectives. Goals are a fantastic way to do that.
When creating an email marketing automation sequence, we recommend starting by writing your goals down first, and then building your automation steps toward achieving those specific goals.

For more information on utilizing goals into your workflow, I recommend reading The Importance of Goals in Marketing Automation.

Creating goals is just the tip of the iceberg. In order to realize Goals’ full potential, you should be constantly measuring and iterating on what is working for your customers.

“I remind [my clients] that marketing automation is not a ‘set it and forget it’ method. It’s not a light switch that you turn on or off” ~ Kamran Malik, ActiveCampaign Certified Consultant

Starting today, it is much easier to measure your automation’s success with the new Goal Reporting Dashboard. It is now possible to drill down into specific goals for deeper insight on your automation’s success. This new report will quickly answer for you:

  • What is the completion percentage for a specific goal?
  • How has the completion percentage increased in the past 30 days?
  • How well is a specific goal performing relative to all the other goals?
  • How long on average does it take a user to complete a specific goal?

You are able to drill down farther to identify what tags and lists are likely to result in a contact completing the goal, as well as a list of all of your contacts that have completed that specific goal.
We started rolling out Goal reporting earlier this morning. If you don’t have this functionality right away, stay tuned, you should have access in your account within a day or two. With one exception: you need to update to our new Contact and Deals CRM experience to access this feature. If you haven’t upgraded your account and you want to, I would encourage you to opt-in here using the button at the bottom of the page.
You can access the new Goal Report from inside the Automation Report for a specific automation.
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This is just an initial release of the functionality we plan to bring you with the new Goal Reporting view. Information is only as useful as the ability to understand it. That’s why we are focused on adding more reporting functionality on our product roadmap.
We value your input and would encourage you to submit your suggestions at Stay tuned as we continue to add functionality to this report incrementally over the coming weeks.

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