What changed?

You can now use personalization tags in the titles of your deals so that when deals are automatically created, they can have unique names. You could insert the name of the contact, the company they are associated with, or any custom field you’ve created.

Why it matters…

One of the major advantages of an integrated, automated marketing and sales platform is that data collected during the marketing stage automatically crosses over into the sales stage creating a seamless transition.
One of my favorite examples of sales & marketing automation in action is the ability to have deals created and assigned when a contact who is a good fit for the product has indicated they are engaged and interested by interacting with your marketing. When their [contact score] crosses a threshold score, an automation can create a deal, assign it to a sales person, send them an invitation to meet, and create follow-up tasks.
Not only is this type of automation a huge time-saver, it’s not even possible without an integrated marketing-sales platform like ActiveCampaign.
It’s also extremely effective and efficient. Your marketing material and automated follow-up do all the work of nurturing and qualifying leads. They are only passed onto sales when they are qualified and engaged. The marketing automation nerd in me is torn between describing this as: beautiful or glorious.
In the past, when you had a deal automatically created in an automation, you’d have to use a generic title and then modify it later. Now, you can automatically create customized deal titles.

How it works…

You can have deals created using any trigger and logic available to you in the automation builder. Lead & Contact Scoring is probably the most logical triggering action because it will allow you to qualify leads along a variety of dimensions you define. If you haven’t designed and set up your lead scoring system yet, I hope you’ll use the process outlined in this post to do so.
Another scenario might be when someone requests a demo. You could configure that request to report an event using Event Tracking or apply a tag. In this example, I’m going to use Tag is added as the starting trigger:

Now, under the CRM category, we’ll add an action to Add deal. You’ll notice the personalization icon inside the input field for Deal Title. Clicking it will bring up the personalization tag options:

Now you can add additional actions to this automation that automate your sales process. You could create tasks, send out initial contact email messages, and begin or end other automations.
Here’s an example of this automation you can import:

If you have any questions about Deal title personalization, please ask in the comments section.
Also, in case you missed them, we released two other features over the past couple days: wildcard URL triggers for automations and custom HTML blocks in template emails.
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