The amazing Kelly O’Connell is back with another Success Hour webinar. This time she covers one of my favorite features — Contact & Lead Scoring.

Our scoring feature is one the best. It’s infinitely flexible and you can score on a wide-range of factors and data to create multi-dimensional scores for product fit, engagement, and more.
Unfortunately, lead scoring is a misunderstood tool. Whenever I get the chance, I try to make the point that scoring is for marketers too! It’s so much more than just a sales tool for sales people. It’s been unfairly confined to that tiny, little box and we’re on a mission to make that box bigger.
The ability to boil vast amounts of behavioral and demographic data into a simple numerical value is useful to salesmen, sure, so they can rank and prioritize their leads, but, marketers can use it to:

  • Identify contact’s interests and begin targeted follow-up with relevant offers and content
  • Define and create marketing qualified leads then automatically pass them onto sales
  • Increase or decrease the frequency of sending based on how engaged a contact is
  • Identify advocates and give them resources to promote your company (and reward them when they do)
  • Track the success of their onboarding process and automatically reach out to customers that have disengaged.

In this webinar, Kelly explains:

  • Why you’d want to use lead scoring
  • How to set up lead scoring in ActiveCampaign
  • Best practices for creating an effective lead scoring system
  • How to leverage scores to improve your marketing and sales processes

It’s about 40 minutes long and well worth your time if you’re struggling with leveraging all the data you’ve collected or want to create more customized, personalized experiences for your contacts.
Click here to watch it now on Vimeo.
Do you have any idea for a future Success Hour webinar? What would you like us to cover? Let us know!