We’ve released an update to our Magento extension that allows you to control whether new Magento customers (that are added to ActiveCampaign) receive an opt-in confirmation email prior to marking them as “Active.”
This is controlled via subscription forms, which is where you normally control opt-in settings:

In Magento you can then (optionally) select a form that you have already set up in ActiveCampaign:

When a new Magento customers register (through a form requiring confirmation), they’ll be added as “Unconfirmed” in ActiveCampaign and an opt-in email confirmation will be sent to them. Keep in mind they don’t actually see the subscription signup form when registering through Magento, but it will still use the same settings (such as the confirmation email design, and “Subscription completed confirmation” message).
Read more about our subscription forms for ideas on how to control the design and advanced settings, and try our Magento extension today!