Learning more about your contacts

We already have a wealth of data about your contacts interactions with the email campaigns you send.  Clicks, opens, forwards, social sharing, etc.. Not that long ago we also added the ability to find personal details such as their gender, age, location, interests, and more simply based on their email address.  This led to some pretty powerful segmenting & automations based on contact data.
Once again we are going to extend this whole idea a step further…  Our new site & event tracking will start to help cover your contacts interactions outside of an email or social space.  We will enable you to create marketing logic that is based on their actions on your web site, within third party services, and even in any custom app you have written or manage yourself.

Site tracking: utilizing your contacts history & actions on your site

Similar to analytics platforms like Google Analytics, we provide you with a small snippet of Javascript that you include on your site.  You can simply copy/paste that code into your site.
Once the tracking code is in place we will start to log all of your site traffic.  We capture details like the URL, referring URL, Google Campaign Tags, Browser, Mobile vs Desktop, GEO info, etc…  All of this information is stored in a highly scalable manner that is secured for your account.
When a visitor signs up on your site, fills out a form, etc.. we will determine their email address.  You can also specify the email address of the visitor on pages such as shopping carts, membership panels, account settings pages, etc.. Basically any page that you know they are logged in or provided an email address on.  Once we identify the visitor with an email address all of their past history on your site (and future history) will be related to that email address.

Event tracking: Logging and utilizing specific events that a contact makes

In addition to site tracking we will have event tracking.  While site tracking tracks all page visits to any given site, event tracking tracks specific actions from your site or any app/script.
Some examples of event tracking that we use include:

  • Signups
  • Upgrades
  • Downgrades
  • Cancelations
  • Billing Errors
  • User Actions (creating a list, sending a campaign, viewing reports, etc..)

You can of course define your own events that are specific to your business & needs.
The possibilities are endless as you get to define what the event is and choose when to record an event.

What you can do with all this data

By capturing all this data and relating it to an email address you have some pretty amazing options available.  Automated series, segments, personalization, conditional content, all benefit immensely by having additional data available.

We plan on incorporating site and event data into the following areas:

  • Automated Series
  • Automated Actions
  • Segments
  • Personalization
  • Conditional Content
  • Contact View

So you could create an automation that waits for someone to visit a page 3 times, have signed up for a trial of your service, all while using a mobile device to target them with a sales cycle focused on them.  The possibilities of using the data from site & event tracking is truly exciting.

When will this be available?

Tracking work (and the infrastructure to support it) is already complete.  We are currently playing around with this for our own marketing needs while we finish the interface.  We expect to start rolling it out to some clients in the near future (likely weeks to a month)  To start it will be available in automated series and then we will start rolling it out as an option in segments, personalization, conditional content, etc…

Your feedback

Have any ideas or usages that you want to be capable of doing with this type of data?  Let us know.