Save Colors with the New Color Manager

We’ve made it easier than ever to create beautiful, revenue-generating email campaigns.

Now, as you design your campaign the colors you use are automatically added to a list of recent colors. This feature is available wherever colors are used. Backgrounds, buttons, fonts, and borders, will all have access to your 12 most recently used colors so you can, for instance, quickly apply the color from your headline text to your call to action button.


You can also save colors that you use frequently. In addition to speeding up the campaign creation process, this makes it easier to keep your branding consistent across campaigns and among team members. You can save your brand’s colors once and apply them without ever having to hunt down hex codes again.

To save a color, click the “+” symbol and it will appear in the Saved section. You can also save colors from your recently used list by clicking its swatch and then clicking the “+” to save it. To remove a color from your saved list, click it to select it and then click the trash can symbol to delete it.


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  • Awesome!

  • Faaaaantastic

  • Mike Clayton

    This is great news – and I like the way that I got an email this morning because I up-voted the feature request. Thank you.

    I have a question to anyone who can answer:
    What is the use of the theme feature (top left of the screenshots)?
    I entered the colours of my brand here, but can see no earthly purpose for having done that. Am I missing something or is there some kind of valuable link between this and the design of my templates, that I cannot see?

    • Kristoff Henry

      Hi Mike,
      I asked the same question to support a few days ago.
      Apparently it is only there for visual reference and doesn’t actually affect any of the elements in the email or template.

      • Mike Clayton

        Thank you Kristoff – that’s pretty much what I concluded. Now we have what I hoped the theme would be!

      • jvandeboom

        Ya, it is only useful if you have multiple themes.. The style options are unique to the theme.. and the three colors you can set for the upper left are to give you an indicator of the differences of the themes.

  • A Real Time Saver. Thanks!