How to collect and convert more leads with Riddle’s quiz maker and ActiveCampaign

How to collect and convert more leads with Riddle’s quiz maker and ActiveCampaign

This blog was contributed by quiz maker Riddle.

Over 100,000 customers rely on ActiveCampaign each and every day for their email marketing and marketing automation needs. But sending targeted, actionable emails is only half the process – first, businesses need an easy, scalable way to collect more (and better) leads.

The good news? Riddle’s quiz maker is here to help.

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What’s Riddle?

Riddle is a flexible and intuitive quiz marketing and lead generation platform used by top global marketers and publishers like the BBC, Shopify, Red Bull, and Amazon.

Riddle lets you easily create and embed personalized quizzes and polls – each with built-in lead generation and email collection forms.

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You can recommend products, run contests and giveaways, or provide in-depth analysis and reports for each quiz taker.

And don’t worry – in this multi-screen world, all Riddle quizzes are fully responsive; they’ll look good on any device – and no coding required.

Best of all? All our plans are completely unlimited. Just pick your plan and pay one simple cost (starting at $29/month) – no matter how popular your quizzes get:

  • Unlimited quizzes
  • Unlimited quiz takers
  • Unlimited leads

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Why collect leads with quizzes?

Quizzes are flat-out awesome at both lead generation and engagement.

On the engagement side, quizzes excel at turning your passive visitors into active participants. People love answering questions and discovering things about themselves.

Now that you have your visitor’s attention, you can leverage Riddle for lead generation. Simply create and add your own lead generation form to any of our content formats – it will be displayed after their last question and before their quiz results.

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That’s the optimal location for getting the most users to opt-in.

Typical quizzes have an average of 6-10 questions. That means your quiz takers will have been interacting with your quiz from between 3-5 minutes, which means they’ll be emotionally engaged and eager for their results.

Adding a quiz lead generation form will result in up to a 55% opt-in rate – that’s almost 20X the average for typical online lead generation forms (Looking at you, boring pop-ups).

How Riddle+ActiveCampaign helps you collect, qualify, and segment leads

Any time a visitor takes a Riddle quiz, poll, or other content embedded on your site, they can be shown a lead generation form.

The form can be mandatory (ie. complete before you can see your quiz results) or optional. Keeping it optional is recommended – this means only truly enthusiastic leads will complete the form, which means high level, accurate information.

Don’t worry – keeping forms optional doesn’t hurt performance; you’ll still see that phenomenal 55% opt-in rate.

Once each person fills in the form, then completes the quiz – Riddle will send their form data, plus their quiz answers and results to ActiveCampaign.

Step 1: Create your own Riddle quiz

You can choose from any of 15 types of interactive content formats with lead generation – from quizzes to surveys, personality tests to polls.

Use our easy drag/drop form builder to build an in-quiz lead generation form with the fields you need (such as name, email, phone number, etc.).

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Step 2: Set up custom fields in your ActiveCampaign account

Next you need to add custom fields to your contacts, so ActiveCampaign can store all your quiz data. Most people add fields like ‘Quiz results’, as well as ‘Question 1 answer’, ‘Question 2 answer’, and so on.

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Step 3: Connect your ActiveCampaign account in Riddle

Now you’ll want to set up your ActiveCampaign account. Just click on the ‘connect’ option – then follow the easy steps to log-in.

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Step 4: Map your fields and tags from Riddle to ActiveCampaign

Right, and your last step – you’ll want to tell Riddle how to send your lead data to ActiveCampaign.

Just click the button by each Riddle field and select your matching ActiveCampaign field. For example, “Email” in Riddle would go to “Email” in ActiveCampaign.

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And you can do the same thing with any tags that you have already created in ActiveCampaign – perfect for segmenting leads based on their quiz results.

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That’s all there is to it – your snazzy quiz marketing funnel is now connected with your ActiveCampaign account.

Set up your own quiz follow-up email campaign with ActiveCampaign

Riddles recommends that you also set up automatic follow-up email campaigns using ActiveCampaign. Every message can be personalized with the quiz taker’s name or other information – and based around their quiz responses.

Here’s an example drip campaign based around a real estate firm:

  1. A visitor takes a quiz on their site (e.g. “What’s your dream house?”)
  2. Answers 6-8 questions around their tastes – “Do you prefer the city vs. country?”, “What’s your budget?”, etc.
  3. Fills in optional lead form (“Sign up for free 15 minute consultation with our agents”)
  4. Quiz taker receives their results (“You should move to the suburbs!”)

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Now, this is where the ActiveCampaign connection would kick in:

  1. Each quiz taker is added as a contact in AC with all their quiz data.
  2. ActiveCampaign immediately can tag them as ‘hot lead-suburb’ based on their budget ($500K+ in question #2) and overall quiz results (“Suburbia awaits!”).
  3. ActiveCampaign sends alerts to the real estate agents who handle those listings.
  4. An agent reviews their answers then contacts them for an appointment.
  5. 2 days later: ActiveCampaign sends follow up message with additional listings
  6. 4 days later: one more personalized reminder sent out (“Still looking at the suburbs?”)

Pretty nifty right?

This is a very basic example – you can use Riddle and ActiveCampaign as your own endlessly customizable quiz marketing combination.

Who should use Riddle with ActiveCampaign?

  • Marketers and content gurus
  • Solopreneurs
  • Agencies
  • Publishers

Marketers and Content Gurus

Are you a busy marketer – juggling a million and one different goals and objectives?

Riddle was designed for marketing superheroes like you – you’ll get a flexible creative quiz and lead generation toolkit, 100% white labelled, and easy to create and embed.

No need for agencies or coders – you can quickly create your own content in minutes, then sync to ActiveCampaign.

Want to spice up your social content or help customers find the right product? How about collecting more high quality leads or monetizing your traffic with ads?

Popular features for marketers:

  • 15 content types for maximum creative freedom
  • Built-in lead generation and contest forms
  • Your quiz, your brand – 100% white labelled
  • Insert your own video or banner ads

Solopreneurs – consultants and coaches

Do you run your own consulting business as a coach, mentor, or therapist? Do you find it hard to balance your hectic schedule with the challenge of finding new customers?

Check out Riddle+ActiveCampaign. Busy consultants and solopreneurs can automate their lead generation process through quizzes and personality tests.

Engage your site visitors with a quiz, then qualify each lead based on their responses.

Are they a good fit for your skills? Auto-tag them as a hot lead and start your conversion process with a personalized email quiz report.

Everyone else? Tag them as ‘no thanks’, auto-send their quiz results, and move on.

Popular features for consultants and coaches:

  • Flexible personality test module – give leads personalized results
  • Branching logic – craft custom quiz experiences for each user, based on their unique answers
  • Detailed lead forms – qualify and segment customers using 16 types of form fields (from dropdowns, appt. time picker, and more)
  • Email detailed quiz reports – automatically send a report to each quiz taker


Do you work for an agency? Is it difficult to balance hard-to-please clients with tight budgets and even tighter deadlines?

Riddle works some of the largest (and smallest) agencies around with their customer campaigns on everything from unique engagement assets (like custom quizzes and polls) to ROI-busting lead generation.

Best of all? No coding required – save money and time. Keep everything in house and deliver a client-specific custom look and feel.

Popular features for agencies:

  • Easy billing – monthly billing for per-campaign flexibility. No set up fees or cancellation costs.
  • Custom CSS editor and fonts – complete control over your quiz interface and fonts to seamlessly match your clients’ sites.
  • Multiple users and teams – Create and collaborate with different access roles across customer-specific teams.
  • Detailed analytics – provide constant client reporting, with quiz statistics and lead generation performance by date range.


Do you want to engage and monetize your audience? Do you want to keep them on site longer – plus get more traffic through social sharing with their friends?

World-class publishers like the BBC, sports teams like the Chicago Bulls, or customer-facing brands like Red Bull all turn to Riddle.

Your marketing team will love the creative flexibility – you can quickly create and embed your own bespoke quizzes, polls, or 14 other formats. Plus quizzes are great native spots for ads, videos, or as sponsored content for your advertisers.

Popular features for publishers:

  • Sponsored content
  • Time on site – 3-5 minutes
  • Run contests – collect leads
  • Teams and custom style sheets

Give Riddle and ActiveCampaign a free test drive!

Riddle and ActiveCampaign can turbo-charge your marketing with quiz-powered lead generation.

100% white-labelled, they’ll seamlessly match your brand – and will look great on any device.

  • Easy to get started – No training required. You can quickly create and embed your own beautiful, mobile-friendly quizzes on your site in just minutes.
  • Free 14 day trial – Give us a try, risk-free. You’ll have access to all our features and no pesky credit card required. Plus your quiz will always stay live – even if you decide to not subscribe.
  • 30 day money-back guarantee – And hey, no worries if you change your mind after upgrading. We’ll refund you right away – no questions asked.

Got a question or just need ideas for a good quiz?

Give us a shout via our support chat – everyone from our CEO Boris on down will race each other to answer first.

(We’re fast – lightning fast. Our average response time is just 2 minutes.)

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