Track Email Opens and Look Up Contacts With the Chrome Extension

Note: This post is now out-of-date. For the most up-to-date information about the ActiveCampaign Chrome extension, please refer to our help center

We’ve updated our Chrome extension with a couple of powerful new features.
First, you’re now able to track email opens for messages sent from Gmail.
When you send an email from your Gmail account, the time that the contact opened the email is indicated and the open will appear in the contact’s activity stream.
gmail screen trackopens
So, now you’ll know whether your message has been read or whether a follow-up email might be necessary to bump the chain to the top of your contact’s inbox.
You can also trigger automations to begin when the message is read. Previously this was only possible if you sent an email from inside of ActiveCampaign, but now you get this functionality without ever leaving Gmail! You can create an automation that adds a task to follow-up when an email is opened, move a deal record to a new stage, or send an invitation to schedule a phone call.
The emails you send through Gmail will automatically be pulled into ActiveCampaign so your Gmail account and ActiveCampaign account will always be in sync and your deal record will always be a complete record of all communication and interaction.
The second feature we’ve added is the ability to select an email address anywhere you find it online. If there isn’t already a contact with that email address, you can quickly create a contact record. If the email address is already connected to an existing contact, the contact details sidebar will display. You’ll see all the contact data and be able to manage the contact. You can add the contact to lists, automations, add tags, and more.
gmail screen rightclick
Right-click an email address wherever you find one online (this feature works outside of Gmail). Then select “ActiveCampaign: Look up email” from the menu that appears. A sidebar will display with information and options for managing the contact.
This feature is especially useful if your lead generation involves a lot of online research. As you come across prospects you can add them to your contact database and begin your sales process without even having to switch tabs.
These two premium features are only available on our Small Business and Enterprise plans and the tracking feature will only work with the new Contact & Deals CRM update.
To install the Chrome extension visit this page and click the “Get Extension” button.
We’ll continue to add features and functionality to the Chrome Extension. What would be useful to you?

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