Gmail Chrome Extension BETA Release

Today we are releasing the ActiveCampaign Gmail Chrome extension as a BETA release.

Now, without leaving Gmail, you’ll be able to:

Add contacts to your ActiveCampaign account

View contact information while composing messages

Create new deals & manage existing deals

Add contacts to automations

The extension eliminates the need to switch back-and-forth between your email and your ActiveCampaign account. You can perform a wide variety of ActiveCampaign actions — you can manage your email, contacts, and marketing & sales process — without having to leave the message you are typing:

  • You can create tasks for yourself as they come up in email exchanges.
  • You can begin specific follow-up sequences based on one-on-one conversations. For instance, if a prospect mentions interest in a particular product or feature, you can begin a series of targeted marketing messages.
  • As a deal progresses, you can change its stage in your pipeline

Please note that this is a BETA release. That means there is a possibility some features may not work as intended. If it is important to your business that the Gmail extension work reliably, we ask you not to participate in the BETA and, instead, wait until it is out of BETA and officially released.

Using the BETA…

You can download it from the Chrome app store.

If you find a bug, have an issue, or have a suggestion about how to improve it, you can post that feedback here in the community.

If you have any questions about this announcement, please post them in the comment section.

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    Wow. You guys are simply amazing.

  • Just installed this and it’s working great. This is going to be a huge productivity boosting tool – Thanks!

  • Troy McDonald


    Is there anyway to connect voicemails/transcripts to contacts? I know that’s Google Voice, but from within Gmail, you can make calls… ?

    Again, thanks!

    • Brian Gladu

      It doesn’t have this functionality but that’s an interesting idea, Troy.

      • Troy McDonald

        Yeah we get calls via Google voice (business account with google, though the phone is not any different than the free version).

        People leave messages after hours, etc. Would be great to add as new contact or add to an existing contact automatically. I mean we could just copy and paste the voicemail transcription (that Google does automatically), but we are talking about automation, right? :)

  • Hashtag… #CampaignBeastMode @ActiveCampaign :)

  • This is AWESOME!!! :-)

  • Wow! As a newish client and developer myself, I am VERY impressed at the pace you all are bringing out great updates. This could be SOOO helpful. Infusionsoft has a Gmail extension that never works.

  • Nice one guys, can we End an Automation and Add/Remove Tags as well?

    • jvandeboom

      You can start automations, see whether they are still active, and click into it to view the contact profile (to end one from there) Will likely add the ability to end from the app in the near future.

      The ability to add/remove tags is included.

  • Great to see its using the API v3 features too :)

  • pstarzynska

    I have installed and everything was smooth, yesterday. However, after computer restart, Chrome automatically disabled the extension as not coming from their store and it cannot be enabled again.

    • Brian Gladu

      While it is in BETA, this will continue to be an issue. It will need to be reinstalled. Once we have a more complete version, it will be listed in the Chrome app store and this will be a non-issue.

  • Thanks !!!

  • AC turning up the heat!

  • Feature request: It would be nice to hover over emails in the body of a message and see if they’re a contact, and their info if they are in AC.

    This is a fantastic addition. Keep it up.

  • big-spud

    does entering a contact through the extension satisfy the AC clause that every contact needs to opt-in? we are in email conversations with them, so I’m hoping so!

    • Brian Gladu

      Great question. If you are adding a Gmail contact into ActiveCampaign, there is no need for them to opt-in. You can use the CRM to keep track of your deals with them, update their contact information, apply tags, etc. However, before you send them a campaign, they need to opt-in to a list. Let me know if this is unclear.

  • Max Pownall

    Will this work / be working with google inbox?

    • Brian Gladu

      It’s Gmail only at this time, Max, but we’ll take this comment as a vote for Inbox. If this is important to you, I’d suggest adding it to our feedback forum so that we can quantify the interest. That’s the first step to making it a reality.

      Also, I spoke to the developer of the Chrome extension and he said this is something outside our control at the moment. We don’t know when the 3rd party inboxsdk will be ready.

  • Maybe it’s me but it’s not showing up at all. I was looking to use this to be able to add people to an Engagement workflow if we send them an E-Mail directly from GMAIL. I would like to track some emails sent from GMail for engagement on new leads, but we are not using the CRM options, we use a different product.

    • Brian Gladu

      Hi Chris! That’s a great use of the extension. Let’s see if we can figure out what is going wrong. After adding the extension to Chrome, you should see an ActiveCampaign logo in the toolbar: Do you see the logo?

      • Yes I can see the logo and if I click on it says “Connected”. The docs don’t really show any screens where you will find the links for the add-in or anything. There is no obvious things and again not sure if you have to have the CRM for this to work.

        • Brian Gladu

          You don’t need the CRM so I’m not sure why it wouldn’t display. Will you send an email to our support team (help@activecampaign). Let them know your account name and describe the problem to them. They’ll be able to help you troubleshoot. It’s possible there may be a conflict with another extension.

          • Looks like it’s a conflict with Gmelius for Gmail 6.6.9. Also I don’t think it will do what I want in looking. It’s just a management plugin but you cannot track opens/replies to an actual GMAIL message in a workflow can you?

          • Brian Gladu

            Not quite yet, Chris, but that functionality is coming soon.