Lunar New Year Marketing: 3 Ways to Engage Customers (2022)

Lunar New Year Marketing: 3 Ways to Engage Customers (2022)

This post was contributed by the team at Bonjoro.

Lunar New Year, also known as Chinese New Year, is fast approaching.

Billions of people would normally be making their way back home to celebrate with their extended families, over feasts, dragon lion dancing, firecrackers and red pockets.

But like the two years previous, 2022 is no normal year. With global pandemic restrictions still in place, many people will not be able to return home as usual. 

Like with most holidays in 2022, families may be forced to connect via WeChat, Whatsapp, Zoom or any form of video conferencing.

But as countries across the globe wind down for several weeks, what does it mean for businesses and how we communicate with customers?  

How to win hearts

If you want to win the loyalty of your customers, you need to start with gratitude. 

Lunar New Year is a time of togetherness, unity, and community. So start by sending your customers a message purely of thanks and appreciation for being a part of your community. 

Empathize with how hard this year has been for them. 

People have lost loved ones, been laid off of work, and seen plans get derailed. If they have continued to be customers, let them know what an honor that is. 

Everyone wants to be appreciated. Everyone likes to feel that bond of affinity that says, “I am a part of this group!”.

It’s what makes us human. 

Here are three specific ways you can build goodwill capital with your customers over the Lunar New Year. 

1. Send them a personal video

Sending a video creates a deeper level of connectivity with your customers as you can leverage tone, body language, and facial expressions.

Check out this example below of a wonderful personal thank-you video sent to a team.

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Or you can take it a step further and send a thank you that is just 1:1!

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You can even use Bonjoro’s Chrome Recorder to embed a video inside of an ActiveCampaign email and instead of directing someone to just a Youtube or Vimeo link, you can take them to a branded page that can have your company logo, background, and a Call-to-Action button. Bonjoro even has a specific template background for Chinese New Year

The key when it comes to using video to engage your audience is…. Be human. It doesn’t need to be flashy or done in a perfectly lit studio. You don’t need some rehearsed speech. Just hop on and let your customers know they matter, and you have their backs too and you are there for them. It’s the message that counts. 

Also, did you know that ActiveCampaign has an integration with Bonjoro that allows you to record personalized video emails to your customers and prospects? 

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2. Send them a branded gift

Everyone loves receiving a personalized gift of appreciation. Gift giving is a key cultural aspect of Lunar New Year, reigning in the new year prosperously with everything brand new.

This is an amazing opportunity to send your customers something to make them smile and to keep you top of mind. 

You could create branded merchandise (hats, shirts, mugs etc.) or give them something that is a great supplement to your product line (if you sold artistic colored pencils, you could send them a branded notepad). 

Think of gifts that the customer might frequently use as this is a great way to have your brand keep coming to mind again and again. 

Remember the goal for your marketing strategy over Lunar New Year is about engagement. If you do a good job staying top of mind, once the festivities are over or even when the following year comes around, your brand will be top of mind.

3. Tell stories with an email campaign

During the holidays we get together with our families, we share food and we… tell stories. 

Stories are the social glue that ties us together. Stories inspire our imagination, pique our interests and give us a sense of belonging. 

When we think of an email newsletter, we might normally associate that with company updates or product releases. While these are important things to keep your customers informed around, for Chinese New Year, I recommend taking a different approach. 

Over this festive season craft stories for your customers. Don’t sell anything, just focus on taking your customers through a journey with you. Here are three ways:

  1. Share impressive case studies, with a focus on the why. 
  2. Walk through your origin story, taking them through the good and the bad, with a focus on why.
  3. Be vulnerable and share a seminal moment in the company’s history, where everything changed. A key co-founder quit. A huge deal was lost. Something that surprises them.

Then finish with why it mattered. 

In the famous words of Simon Sinek, “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it”.

So as you spin up your campaign for this festive season, remember what drives you and your customers.

Send relevant emails

As a business, you should send emails that reflect the Lunar New Year both in messaging and in design.

As you think of how to market and communicate during this time, take off your ‘marketing” and “sales” hats and put on your human hat.

If we get a “salesy” pitch or a promo during our holidays, we are unlikely to give it much thought.

On the other hand, if we get a genuine note of appreciation or acknowledgment, that leaves a good feeling. 

The best way to accomplish this? A custom email template:

Lunar new year marketing email template

For example, you can use these three Lunar New Year marketing email templates:

Not an ActiveCampaign user (yet)?

A compass in troubled times

2020 was a scary year for marketing. Brands across the world contended with a pandemic and social unrest. We constantly questioned when we should post, how we should communicate and had to get scrappy to keep the wheels on the cart. 

2021 wasn’t much different in many places.

Now in 2022, some of that uncertainty still lingers.

The good news is, technology today allows you to stay connected with your customers like never before. Tools like ActiveCampaign allow you to provide a consistent and authentic message to your customer and prospects.

While marketing during the Chinese New Year can seem complicated, at a core level it’s about helping people identify with what you stand for and how you can help them. If you do those two things well, your will flourish. 

So as Chinese New Year approaches, try out some of the marketing ideas above and leave your customers delighted. 

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