How ActiveCampaign and Instabot Boost Your Leads and Conversions

How ActiveCampaign and Instabot Boost Your Leads and Conversions

This post was contributed by Alex Cohen of Instabot.

Chatbots are the key tool to digital conversational marketing. They offer a convenient means to collecting user data—especially at a time when data usage as a marketer is becoming trickier than ever. Some greet you with a wave, some provide useful answers, and some lead you through a series of questions towards what you need. In the process, they improve user experiences and shorten user journeys.

Chatbots bring many benefits to your business. They are a cost-effective solution for customer support as they are available 24/7 and respond instantly to user queries. Plus, they can interact with multiple users simultaneously. They offer cross-channel capability, so users can easily reach you (and you can reach them) across multiple platforms and devices. Moreover, chatbots shorten sales cycles by seamlessly guiding users—over a few short messages—towards booking a meeting with your sales team.

Lead generation is another key benefit that chatbots bring to your business. The new Instabot and ActiveCampaign integration is specifically designed to help your business grow by capturing more leads and increasing conversion rates.

Why Instabot?

Instabot is a powerful conversational marketing platform. Its sophisticated chatbot technology is designed to help businesses like yours improve user engagement, retention, and conversions.

You can build and deploy a chatbot in minutes, and the intuitive builder interface means you don’t need any coding expertise to make chatbots look and behave the way you want them to. Alternatively, you can request the Instabot team to custom build your first chatbot.

Also, because it features natural language processing (NLP) and artificial intelligence (AI), Instabot is the smart chatbot that learns. It meaningfully engages with your users, answers hundreds of their questions, books meetings instantly, curates contact information, and gathers leads. Chris Gromek, Director of Sales and Marketing at Hybrid Tech LLC, says:

“Instabot is an incredibly useful tool for lead capture. Setup was user-friendly and professionally guided by the Instabot team. Within minutes of launching on our website, we were capturing leads and employment inquiries. I recommend this tool for every business, small and large.”

Instabot outperforms lead forms and pop-ups by more than 33%. Our customers have reported a 30% increase in lead capture, while a case study found that users who engaged with the chatbot had a conversion rate of 48% – leading to an increase in per page revenue by 65%. Emy Kane, Head of Development at Strawless Ocean, states:

“Instabot helped energize our campaigns. With an engagement rate of 30%; it was one of our most effective marketing tactics.”

One of Instabot’s key objectives is to provide businesses with the tools they need to access and build upon valuable insights and analytics. That’s why Instabot is releasing a new integration with ActiveCampaign.

How Instabot & ActiveCampaign Work Together

After you deploy Instabot on your website, it uses NLP and AI to engage in natural conversations with visitors. These conversations are launched based on user behavior.

For example, chatbots first detect whether someone is a first-time visitor, frequent visitor, or has come from a marketing campaign, email, or ad. Based on this information, chatbots then tailor their messaging accordingly.

User responses are recorded, time-stamped, dated and added to a user profile. Through these conversations, Instabot better understands the user – their details, preferences, needs and pain points – and can determine if they’re a good fit for your business. Instabot then qualifies users and prioritizes leads. This information helps ensure you’re not wasting money on unqualified leads.

With the new integration, these user profiles and nuanced insights are seamlessly delivered to your ActiveCampaign account. Or, alternatively, you can set up a series of questions or actions so that once a lead is captured, Instabot automatically sends that lead to ActiveCampaign and alerts your team.

ActiveCampaign can then follow up with these leads through a relevant email drip campaign to deliver a highly personalized email journey for users. This meaningful communication builds relationships, nurtures leads, and increases conversions.

What Can You Do With Instabot and ActiveCampaign?

Combining Instabot with ActiveCampaign brings with it a number of valuable benefits, including lead generation and customer support.

Instead of forcing users to fill out a form, Instabot gathers user data, auto-segments users based on responses, and auto-qualifies leads. Once the leads are shared with ActiveCampaign, a fully automated drip campaign can be implemented to nurture leads and boost conversions. This process creates efficiency in the sales outreach program.

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Instabot offers 24/7 real-time response, guides users, and intelligently answers user questions to reduce any friction. User contact information is shared with ActiveCampaign, which can then be used to follow up with any additional information.

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Businesses have already begun to take advantage of this integration. Case in point, Plástica Colombia discovered the ActiveCampaign integration with Instabot yielded terrific results. Sales and marketing consultant Carlos says:

“In a short time we have seen that the conversion goals have increased using Instabot, since it has allowed us in an agile way to optimize the conversation flows and generate a much more personalized conversational marketing aimed at the audiences we want to captivate. Likewise, by being able to integrate it with other platforms such as ActiveCampaign, it helps us streamline workflows in our demand generation team.”

This seamless integration is also ideal for agencies. It saves them time, effort, and money with an end-to-end solution that provides clients with robust lead generation and lead nurturing tools. Instabot comes with agency support and can even be white labelled.

Automate Chatbots to Generate More Leads

Instabot and ActiveCampaign combine conversational marketing with marketing automation to generate leads, meaningfully engage with them, and drive conversion rates.

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