If quality email marketing is something that you believe in and are passionate about, you may want to make it a central focus of your career. You may also have noticed that email marketing is thriving in a troubled economy or that it is becoming more effective over time.
If you want to go into business for yourself, then take a look at this article: How To Start An Email Marketing Service. But, as you likely already know, entrepreneurship is hard, and owning a business puts you in a position to manage a lot of operational aspects that you may not be fond of or even very capable in. And, since most new businesses fail in their first year, and few people have the startup capital to support themselves during the two year period that typically precedes profitability, you may find that a job in email marketing is a more attractive option for your individual career path.

What You’ll Need

1. Some knowledge and/or training in general marketing.
Make no mistake, email marketing is marketing, and so you’re going to need to know a few things about assessing your target demographics and analyzing the return on investment for your efforts. Email marketing happens to make ROI calculations unusually easy, as far as marketing goes, but it is still math and still something you’ll need to know something about if you’re going to land (and keep) a job as an email marketing specialist. You’ll also need specialized knowledge of advertising, sales, and marketing psychology to be an effective email marketer.
A good way to move into the marketing field is the same way you would expand into any other field: leverage your existing experience within your current field, and gradually expand your responsibilities such that you gain knowledge and qualification within the course of doing your job. In time, you will become qualified to hold a position exclusively dedicated to your personal interests and goals.
College education can also be extremely helpful in developing this type of specialized skill set. If you express an interest in expanding your marketing knowledge in a way that will benefit your present employer, they may agree to pay for some or all of your classes. Even if you do not go for a full degree in marketing, advertising, or psychology, you can still take a selection of courses that will help you on your way by bolstering your resume and expanding your abilities.
2. Basic technical ability and familiarity with available email marketing software and its usage
Email marketing has to do not only with user interaction, but systems interaction as well. You will need to be familiar with a variety of technical issues, such as server optimization, types of email servers, spam filters, and negotiating services with web hosts and ISPs.
You will also need to be proficient in using email marketing software, not only to compose and send messages, but also to track statistics, split test different techniques or compositions, and dividing lists for purposes of market segmentation.