Cafe Mos Eisley: Where We Gather, Learn and Grow

Cafe Mos Eisley: Where We Gather, Learn and Grow

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Every company needs a neutral space; a watering hole, so to speak. A place where people can congregate, make plans, and every once in a while, let loose. At ActiveCampaign, that space takes the form of our Cafe, Mos Eisley. Named after the infamous Star Wars cantina, our version of Mos Eisley is also a place of gathering and merriment, just without the proclivity for bodily dismemberment by laser sword. In this post, we’ll take a quick look at our meeting space and the various ways we use it.

Lunch & Learns

We all have busy schedules, but we all need to eat, which is what makes Lunch & Learns so great! The Cafe serves not only as our primary meal space, but our presentation space as well, decked out with multiple projectors, overhead LCD displays and a sound system. L&Ls are hosted by employees and guest speakers alike. Covering topics from professional development to lifestyle matters such as mortgage strategy, these bite sized events provide a great opportunity for people to digest valuable information along with their meals.


You might have read about some of our recent Meetups in earlier Inside ActiveCampaign articles like the PHP User Group Meetup or the Advertising for Ecommerce Meetup. It may come as no surprise, but we use our space to host these Meetups regularly. Some of our recent Meetups were for UX/UI, Ember and Marketing, with the latest being GOTO where our employees were able to network with peers and learn about the latest tools and tech.

Cultural/Diversity & Inclusion Events

ActiveCampaign is proud of its diversity initiatives and we make sure everyone gets the chance to share their unique cultural backgrounds with their coworkers. Our Diversity and Inclusion Committee works with employees to plan events around important cultural holidays and set up opportunities for everyone to broaden their perspectives. For holidays, people will usually bring in special dishes and give an educational presentation. Earlier this April, ActiveCampaign observed Passover and served macaroons and matzo.

Everything In Between

It’s difficult to explain the full scope of everything we use our space for. In a nutshell, it’s anything of value, be it social, cultural, just plain fun. We’ve hosted talent shows, Halloween parties and charity events as part of our ActiveImpact initiative (which you can read about here). Last week, we hosted a Women’s Day Panel and later this month, we will hold a Bring Your Kid(s) to Work Day, where AC kids will be able to see where their parents work and perhaps get an idea of what they may want to do when they grow up!
Needless to say, just about anything is possible in Mos Eisley, and we’re always on the lookout for new opportunities to use the space for good. Stay tuned to Inside ActiveCampaign to see what happens next.

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