Bulk Email Software

Bulk Email Software

Bulk email software fills an emerging need for modern businesses. Particularly as the global economy has suffered a downturn, affordable solutions for mass communication have become crucial for sustained business growth. However, it is not always easy for business owners and managers to understand how to integrate bulk email marketing into their existing business strategy.
The first thing to think about is what role this form of communication will play in your overall public relations effort. Many people relegate their bulk emailing to the more traditional functions of advertising. While direct email marketing can certainly fulfill this purpose very effectively, there are unique advantages to marketing electronically that you would do well to take advantage of.

Advantages Of A Bulk Email Marketing Campaign

The most obvious advantage of a comprehensive bulk email program versus more traditional advertising is cost. There is simply no comparison between the cost of a bulk emailer and that of direct mail, television, radio, and print advertising. But if you become too distracted by this obvious factor, you may miss a more subtle advantage.
Even though on your end it is clear that you are sending to a bulk email list, a well-crafted message can look and feel much more personal. People are used to receiving a wide variety of communications via email, allowing a talented copywriter to strike a balance that makes the recipient feel as if your messages belong in their mailbox. And this effect can be amplified as time goes by, and your list’s subscribers begin to get more comfortable receiving your messages.
That is what we mean when we talk about an email marketing campaign. If you send out a single well-crafted message to a lot of people, you will see some pretty good results. But if you build your audience over time, winning their trust and establishing yourself as an authority, then you can achieve results that border on remarkable.

How To Begin Your Bulk Email Campaign

There are a few basic tools you’ll need in order to get started.
First you’ll need to decide whether you want to use a hosted bulk email service or a standalone email marketing software package. Although the bulk email services may seem tempting at first, their ballooning fees make them a less attractive option over the long term.
Instead, you’ll want to purchase a solid bulk email marketing software solution that you can install on your own web server. Most web hosts place strict limits on the number of emails they will allow you to send in a day, and many will raise your rates substantially if you want to increase your limits. An alternative to sending through your web host is to use a separate bulk email service. That way your web site can stay where it is, you can run your email marketing software on the site, but all emails are routed through a special account that is just for bulk emailing.
If you don’t already have a web server, you will need one. Many people make the mistake of setting up their own in-house web server without the type of highly-trained support staff that this requires. You are much better off signing up for an inexpensive account with a dedicated hosting company. WestHost is ideal for smaller businesses whose lists have a lot of room to grow, and ThePlanet is an ideal choice for larger companies who will need a lot more power behind them.
Finally, you will need to build up your bulk email list. Many people make the mistake of purchasing massive lists of untargeted email addresses. We recommend against this method.
Building up your own highly targeted opt-in email list will certainly take a lot longer and be a lot more difficult, but the results will be immeasurably better. And over time you will find that your private email list becomes one of your business’ most valuable assets. After all, this is a list of individuals who are so interested in what you do that they have essentially asked you to market to them.
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